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Warlord Saga of the Storm Assassins' Strike
Release date : August 6, 2001. Number of Cards : 108. Date of Cards : 2001. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Assassins' Strike was in fact the First Warlord CCG expansion.
Warlord Saga of the Storm Assassins' Strike Warlord Saga of the Storm Assassins'Strike
According to his base set Warlord Saga of the Storm, this expansion grows the possibility of the game with a new panel of classes, mainly the Bard one and the Paladin. Of course with his 109 new cards, a large panel of new items, actions has been added to the game possibilities growing is possibilities in various tacticals direction.
As the Base Set, some Theme decks (Starters) were also available for this expansion. As usual some cards, Fixed ones, can only be found in those ones : Behlial (Elf Warlord) with her Fixed cards unique, Tome of Divine Wisdom. Anton Cyldragon for the Free Kingdoms Deck can only be found in this Assassin's Strike deck and was not reprint later. The Fixed card for Anton is Tome of the Archmage. Black Tom of Corinth is the Fixed Mercenary Warlord. His fixed cards unique is Tome of Shadows. And finaly from the side of the Deverenian, the Warlord is Duchess Brymin joint to his fixed item card; Tome of Champions. All of thoses Warlords were reprint later in the Black Knives Reprint Edition, also as Fixed cards except Anton as specify above.
Warlord Saga of the Storm The Deck Box Assassins' Strike Warlord Saga of the Storm Assassins' Strike
Cards issue from those decks are codify AS, dated 2001 and doesn't own a collection numbering. Note that some of them are equal
to the Demo Cards deck Version II.
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Warlord Saga of the Storm Assassins Strike Novel
A Book of short stories was published by AEG in July 2002 during the Black Knives release set to put some more life in the game. (The book is only in English - 206 Pages - Paperback ISBN : 1887953523 - Out of Print) The small Book is filled with fictional tales based in the world of Warlord: Saga of the Storm. The events detailed in these stories all occur during the most traumatic 24 hours in the history of the Lands of the Accord: the Assassins' Strike. Thousands of heroes are killed in a single night, leaving behind a wounded world and opening the way for good and evil to rise, unfettered, into a new dawn. Characters and events from the CCG will be incorporated into ten all-new stories of the Accordlands, revealing secrets about the world and its people and adding a new name to the list of contemporary fantasy novels.
Writers : Chris J. Burns, Peter Flanagan, Andrew Getting, Jim Pinto, Les Simpson, Marshall Smith and Ree Soesbee.
Art Cover by William O'Connor.
Note that :

- The Assassin's Strike Expansion introduces for the first time the '' Bow '' as an equip location. The cards that's owns this type of items gain the ability to perform a ranged strike. The Arrow as equip location type was not really introduce before the Call to Arms expansion but, we can already discover some of this type equip location in a previous ''shoot'' in this expansion.

- The Warlord Characters present in the Starter decks were also available as Fixed Foil version included, into the Boosters Packs. All the Assassin's Strike rare Foil cards owns a full Foil type kind of printing. Those type of printing will disappear for the following expansions. Those ones will be back in Epic Edition with a new kind of Foil printing process called Accented Foil and of course all the card will be full bleed foil as the expansions after the Epic One.
Assassin's Strike Card List :
1) Acid Breath 2) Alhana Genecourt 3) Amulet of Force 4) Anton Cyldragen 5) Attack of Opportunity 6) Avalanche 7) Azamereth Flamekeeper 8) Ballista Crew 9) Baroness Lucana 10) Basalt Gargoyle 11) Battle Rage 12) Behlial 13) Belsamoreth 14) Black Journal 15) Black Tom of Corinth 16) Blackwind 17) Blessed Vestments 18) Bloodthirsty 19) Blue Willow Staff 20) Bracers of Ogre Power 21) Breastplate 22) Breastplate of Power 23) Cador 24) Contagion 25) Courage from Faith 26) Daedelia 27) Doombringer 28) Dragonscale Shield 29) Duchess Brymin 30) Dwarven Warhammer 31) Excellent Reflexes 32) Experienced Archer 33) Far Shot 34) Fauve Mightyheart 35) Flail 36) Handaxe 37) Havat-lahn Stance 38) Heart 39) Heavy Crossbow 40) Hechun 41) Holy Symbol 42) Horn of Fog 43) Howl of the Wolves 44) I Call Forth Valor 45) Improved Initiative 46) Insect Plague 47) Invisibility Potion 48) Invisible Servant 49) Jack Casey 50) Jemman 51) Kether 52) Keziah's Loris Daggers 53) Leadership 54) Maakh 55) Magheline 56) Misearan Poison 57) Nemeseth 58) Nightmist Cloak 59) Orazhuk 60) Over the Top 61) Portable Hole 62) Premonition 63) Prismatic Spray 64) Protection 65) Rac Ironbone 66) Rapid Shot 67) Rhydin 68) Rhythm of Defiance 69) Robe of Eyes 70) Rod of Resistance 71) Rora Blackmane 72) Saul Tombcarver 73) Scale Mail 74) Scry 75) Sedwin Elfhunter 76) Senek the Poisoner 77) Shield of Ancient Kings 78) Shot on the Run 79) Sir Delevere 80) Sky 81) Sleep 82) Speed of the Cheetah 83) SS-saurth 84) Stalwart 85) Strength of Death 86) Tales of Blood and Fire 87) Taoth 88) Tek and Ket 89) Thunderhammer 90) Timmuk 91) Tome of Champions 92) Tome of Divine Wisdom 93) Tome of Shadows 94) Tome of the Archmage 95) Training at the Guild 96) Tyren Ruskin 97) Urg 98) Uriens the Defiant 99) Valorous Shield 100) Vampiric Touch 101) Vital Spot 102) Vorgurn 103) Vorpal Blade 104) Wall of Fire 105) Wheel of Fate 106) Whirlwind 107) Whirlwind Attack 108) Wythien.
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