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FAQ Warlord Saga of the Storm L5R MTG
* Must I be registered as a member on the site to order something ?
No (unfortunately) there's no login system, no personal managing system.

* Could I cumulate various kind of CCG Cards in one order?
It's too difficult for me to managed various classifications and the system not provide me this possibility.
* Could I cumulate cards from the Warlord CCG Shop and your Ebay store (Magicsaleman) ?
No unfortunately that's not possible.
* Is there a minimum amount to order ?
Your order must have a minimum required amount of 5 Euro in any case of payment type Paypal, Bank Transfer. This is to be sure that I don't send you free stuff due to the Paypal fees for small amount.
* What kind of Payments do you take on Warlord CCG Shop ?
During the cart process, you'll find four kinds of method of payments :
- Paypal who's directely linked to the Paypal site.
It's possible to pay with Paypal if you don't own a Paypal account. .
- Banktransfer (National) and/or European bank transfer with Iban and Bic code.
If you want to pay with a Bank Transfer, you'll find all informations to do it on the closing cart system page.
Don't worried if you don't have notify them, I'll automaticaly re-send them for you in some few hours after including your invoice as PDF format (You'll not received a email confirmation for your order in this case of type of payment like Paypal).
- Western Union. Thanks to contact me if you choose this type of payment. Don't forget that if you send money with this type of payment, there's some high fees for you and not so secure as Paypal.

You can fill, of course, some comments in the text order square before to proceed at your order.

* What are the Shipping cost ?
- The Shipping cost are calculated by the system according to the weight and your destination for Warlord Saga of the Storm single cards.
- For Warlord heavy stuff if you have taken some decks, boosters, APS use the according shipping cost item in the "Shipping Cost sup" section of the site.

If you prefer to contact me before to proceed to buy heavy Warlord stuff, don't hesitate to contact me.

Free Shipping Cost ? :

If the total amount of your basket cart is above 65 euro (Cards value shipping cost not included) you'll have free shipping cost.
Free shipping cost is not valid on heavy stuff only on single cards.
Registered sending is not valid as free sup fees.

* Does the Shipping contains a Registered Sending option / Insurance / Quick VIP Delivery sending ?
If you need a special type of sending, you must add the choosen shipping cost Item option to your basket cart, you'll find various option of sending in the "Shipping Cost Sup" Section of the site.
Some countries must add in any case a Registered Option fees to their basket cart. (See Bellow).

Note that :
- A "Registered sending" can be most of the time tracked in your own postal office country when your parcel has arrived in your country.
- A "Insured sending" contains a "insurance" and as well a "registered sending".
- For the moment "Insurance item" is not available for US due to the customs deep "parcels security checking" so for US choose a "Registered sending" or a VIP sending.
- The Insurance that you'll find for 14.99 euro covers a total value of 250 euro.
- Don't forget that for overseas countries outside Europe, if you take a "insurance", you will have to support some possible customs fees applicated in the customs of your country and a possible more long delay to received your stuff.
Thanks to check also your own country customs laws applications.

* When could I expect to received my cards ?
- For Belgium, 1 or 2 open days after I have received your Payment.
- For Europe, from 3 to 7 open days after I have received your Payment.
- For Eastern European countries, delay could be from 10 open days to round 20 open days depend from wich country.
- For US and Canada, usually it takes from 5 to 10 open days after I have received your Payment. Sometimes sooner, it depends your exact State location. It can happen that it could be as well 20 days if there's some US customs checking or if you're sending was bigger than a simple airmail letter format.
- For Other Worldwide countries, it depends, it could be from 15 to 30 days, it could be also longer for some countries (Singapore, Australia etc...).

Note that :
- A registered sending is always a little bit slower due to his track system.
- The delay delivery for MTG cards, delay could be from 2 days to 20 days maximum for Belgium and Europe. More longer for outside Europe.

-> Countries with postal problems due to my several years experience, read this :

-> New Customers and Paypal payment, read this :
If you are a new customers and if you want to place a order on the site and if you want to pay with paypal, YOU MUST ADD IN ANY CASE "THE REGISTERED OPTION ITEM" TO THEIR BASKET CART ABOVE A TOTAL VALUE ITEM OF 20 EURO. (You'll find it in the Shipping Cost Sup section of the site).

--> I don't win ANY money on this Registered fees option, it's just to be sure that you'll received your stuff or a non "paypal bid payment", so we'll keep excellent relations.

What Kind of shipping do you use and what kind of sending type ?
I ship your cards with the National Belgian Postal service, your shipping are always like a USPS First class mail type sending.
Your stuff are always carefully package in sleeves or boosters packages in a white sealed without any mention. Bigger sending are shipped in paddle enveloppe or in strong box for more heavy stuff.
Your address is carefully notify and my address inn case off return too.

* Do I received a email confirmation of my Order ?
In case of Paypal yes you'll see it direct in your paypal account.
If you have choose Banktransfer or Western Union, I'll send you myself your invoice in PDF Format including all informations this is valid for any CCG cards.

* Which language do you speak ?
I speak French, Deutch, English and a little spanish.

* Do you have more cards in stock for this or this Warlord cards ? Why do I always see a maximum of 3 cards in stock ?
Warlord CCG playsets contains always (except special card case) 3 cards.
My managing system is limited so it's more easy for me to manage it like that and due as well to the fact that Warlord cards are hard to find nowadays.
If you don't see this or this Warlord cards in stock, I'm perhaps buzzy to manage this card in a order so comes back to check in a few hours.

* Do you sell Warlord booster box / boosters / APS ?
- Since end 2012, Warlord deck are available on purchase on site.
For Warlord When you choose to add a deck(s) to your basket cart, you must add yourself a shipping cost based on your location and quantities of deck you have purchased.
The Shipping Cost section of the site contains various possibilities, choose your appropriate one or email me to be sure.

* I don't have received my Stuffs ? What happen ?
If you have placed a order with me, you agree to bear sole responsibility in the event this shipment is lost and acknowledge and agree that WarlordCCG.Kingeshop.com shall have no responsibility to reimburse any funds paid for any lost merchandise or to compensate me in any way (Paypal complain too) for the lost shipment except if you have choose a registered sending option and / or registered sending with insurance. I cannot be responsible for the postal Worldwide office problems. In some case, if the value was not to high? I 'll do my best to replace the lost ones but you must support in this case the new shipping cost.
See also Private Notice Menu for more informations.

* Is my shopping secure on Warlord CCG Shop ?
My Online shop is very secure, all the connections are SSL 128 bits. All your informations are secure by Secure Sockets Layers. I don't use them to any other commercial aspect.

* Do you by sometimes CCG cards or lot of cards ?
Yes I buy singles Warlord and L5R cards as well as Bulk lot of cards for those two CCG game.
See my Warlord CCG / L5R Buylist page on site.

* Can I make two orders during the same 24 hours times ?
Normaly no. If the value is suffisant that's not a problems but several small orders are not allowed. This is due to the high paypal fees. In this case all your small orders will be canceled and refund and I'll send you myself a unique Paypal payment for your several orders.

* Do I'll received a confirmation of sending ?
Yes of course. I'll send you a email the day when your stuff are shipped. In case off a registered sending/Insurance, you'll received all informations when you're stuff are on the way including the track number, date etc...

* What are the delay of Payments ?
In case of Paypal, it must be direct. In case of problems, can happen (Paypal Bugs) I'll contact you myself (My data base keep a order copy even in case off bug). If I have no payment in case off Paypal after 3 open days, your order will be cancel and you'll be not able to place a future order.
If you have choose cheque, your payment I must received your cheque during the 10 open following days maximum. For Banktransfer, I must see your payment after 7 open days as paypal out of this delay your order will be cancel.

* Why do I have received a Paypal payment request for a supplement of Registered sending after I have done my payment ?
If you have buy for a high value and if you don't have choose to add a "Registered sending item" to your basket cart and if for some reasons it's better for us both to be cover for our transaction, I'll send you a Paypal payment request for it. I win NOTHING on it just to keep perfect relations between us.

* When I check my total Shipping and handling in my invoice before to pay or after, it seems that the shipping are very high, in this case what can I do ?
First don't worried, I'm a HONNEST guy. If you have already pay with paypal, I'll see the total amount of those ones. So I'll react in two different way : if the total value of your items is high and if you don't have choose the registered option, I'll send your stuff as it was registered (5.99 value). If the total value of your stuff is not very high, I'll refund you a part of the value of the shipping and handling.

Reductions ?
The system allows you a reduction of 7% above all supplementary amount of 30 euro. So reductions will be apply as for example for a total of 40 euro on 10 euro.
7% applicated on 10 euro so 0.7 euro.
Thoses reductions are not applicated on heavy stuff like as Boosters Box / APS / Lots / Collection etc...

L5R / Magic the Gathering cards ?

- For Legend of the Five Rings check my L5R Site.
- For Magic the Gathering cards check MKM Site (Knickname : Magicsaleman).

* Yet questions ?