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Magic the Gathering (MTG) Editions & Expansions.
mtg Magic the Gathering.
Prophecy FOIL.
Ravnica Allegiance.
Ravnica Allegiance FOIL.
Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kit.
Ravnica Allegiance: Mythic Ed.
Ravnica City of Guilds.
Ravnica City of Guilds FOIL.
Return To Ravnica.
Return To Ravnica FOIL.
Rise of the Eldrazi.
Rise of the Eldrazi FOIL.
S-Cards Serie (8th - 9th).
Salvat / Hachette French WB.
Salvat / Hachette 2011 BB (ES/IT/EN).
San Diego Comic Con 2013.
San Diego Comic Con 2014.
Sand Diego Comic Con 2015.
San Diego Comic Con 2016.
Sample Decks Cards (Origins)
Saviors of Kamigawa.
Saviors of Kamigawa FOIL.
Scars of Mirrodin.
Scars of Mirrodin FOIL.
Scourge FOIL.
Secret Lair Series Online only.
Shadowmoor FOIL.
Shadows over Innistrad.
Shadows over Innistrad FOIL.
Shards of Alara.
Shards of Alara FOIL.
Signature: Spellbook: Chandra.
Signature Spellbook: Jace.
Signature Spellbook: Gideon.
Starter 1999.
Starter 2000.
The Dark.
The Dark Italian.
Theros FOIL.
Theros Beyond Death.
Theros Beyond Death FOIL
Throne of Eldraine.
Throne of Eldraine FOIL
Throne of Eldraine Variant Art.
Time Spiral.
Time Spiral FOIL.
Tip Cards Mtg Editions.
Token Cards MTG promos.
Token Cards Mtg Editions.
Torment FOIL.
Ultra Pro Puzzle.
Unhinged FOIL (Including Alternate).
Unsanctioned FOIL.
Unstable FOIL.
Urza's Destiny.
Urza's Destiny FOIL.
Urza's Legacy.
Urza's Legacy FOIL.
Urza's Saga.
War of the Spark.
War of the Spark FOIL
War of the Spark: Mythic Ed.
WCD cards.
Worldwake FOIL.
Zendikar FOIL.
Zendikar Expeditions Foil.
Basic Edition:
Alpa Ed. (1993)
Beta Ed. (1993)
Unlimited Ed. (1993)
3rd Edition/Revised US.
3rd Edition Black Borders (LIMITED PRINT = FRBB - 1994).
3rd Edition White Borders (UNLIMITED PRINT = FRWB -Not really unlimited - 1994 & 1995).
3rd Edition (Summer Magic / Edgar).
4th Edition. (1995)
4th Edition BB.
4th Edition Alternate ("Summer Cincinati").
4TH Rivals (dated 1995-US Version).
4th Introductory 2 Players (Dated 1996 EU)
5th Edition (1997).
5th Edition S-Chinese (V Symbol)
6th Edition.
7th Edition.
7th Edition FOIL. (BB)
8th Edition.
8th Edition FOIL. (BB)
9th Edition.
9th Edition FOIL (BB)
9th Edition BB Russian.
9th Edition BB Russian FOIL.
10th Edition BB.
10th Edition FOIL BB.
2010 Core Set BB.
2010 Core Set FOIL BB.
2011 Core Set BB.
2011 Core Set FOIL BB.
2012 Core Set BB.
2012 Core Set FOIL BB.
2013 Core Set BB.
2013 Core Set FOIL BB.
2014 Core Set BB.
2014 Core Set FOIL BB.
2015 Core Set BB.
2015 Core Set FOIL BB.
"2016 Core Set" (Magic Orgins BB).
"2016 Core Set" (Magic Origins FOIL BB).
2019 Core Set BB.
2019 Core Set FOIL BB.
2020 Core Set BB.
2020 Core Set BB FOIL.
Clash Pack Exclusive cards.
Deckbuilder Toolkit Exclusive cards.
Aether Revolt.
Aether Revolt FOIL.
Alara Reborn.
Alara Reborn FOIL.
Amonkhet FOIL.
Anthologies Box.
APAC / EURO / GURU Promo cards.
Apocalypse FOIL.
Arabian Nights.
Archenemy Decks. (including Schemes cards)
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas.
Avacyn Restored.
Avacyn Restored FOIL
Battlebond (2HG)
Battlebond FOIL (2HG)
Battle for Zendikar.
Battle for Zendikar FOIL.
Battle Royale Box.
Beatdown Box.
Beta Collector's Edition Domestic.
Beta Collector's Edition International.
Betrayers of Kamigawa.
Betrayers of Kamigawa FOIL.
Born of the Gods.
Born of the Gods FOIL
Box Topper cards (8th-9th).
Challenger Decks (THEROS Block)
Challenger Decks (Guilds of Rav Block)
Champions of Kamigawa.
Champions of Kamigawa FOIL.
Chinese-S AA cards.
Chronicles Japanese BB.
Coldsnap FOIL.
Coldsnap (Reprint Theme Deck Serie).
Commander Deckn I
Commander Deck 2013.
Commander Deck 2014.
Commander Deck 2015.
Commander Deck 2016.
Commander Deck 2017.
Commander Deck 2018.
Commander Deck 2019.
Commander Anthology.
Commander Anthology II.
Commander Arsenal's.
Conflux FOIL.
Conspiracy (Special Draft)
Conspiracy FOIL.
Conspiracy: Take the Crown.
Conspiracy: Take the Crown FOIL.
Dark Ascension.
Dark Ascension FOIL.
Darksteel FOIL.
Deckmasters Box.
Dissension FOIL.
DD: Anthology.
DD: Ajani VS Nicol Bolas.
DD: Blessed VS Cursed.
DD: Divine VS Demonic.
DD: Elspeth VS Tezzeret.
DD: Elspeth VS Kiora.
DD: Elves VS Goblins.
DD: Elves VS Inventors.
DD: Garruk VS Liliana.
DD: Heroes VS Monsters.
DD: Izzet VS Golgari.
DD: Jace VS Chandra.
DD: Jace VS Vraska.
DD: Knights VS Dragons.
DD: Might VS Might.
DD: Nissa VS Ob Nixilis.
DD: Phyrexia VS Coalition.
DD: Sorin VS Tibalt.
DD: Speed vs. Cunning
DD: Venser VS Koth.
DD: Zendikar VS Eldrazi.
DD: Mind VS. Might Reveal.
Dominaria FOIL.
Dragon's Maze.
Dragon's Maze FOIL.
Dragons of Tarkir.
Dragons of Tarkir FOIL.
Duel of the Planeswalkers.
Duel of the Planeswalkers Promos.
Eldritch Moon.
Eldritch Moon FOIL.
Eternal Masters.
Eternal Masters FOIL.
Eventide Foil.
Explorers of Ixalan.
Explorers of Ixalan FOIL
Fallen Empires.
Fate Reforged.
Fate Reforged FOIL.
Fate Reforged (Ugin's Fate Boosters)
Fifth Dawn.
Fifth Dawn FOIL.
From the Vault : Angels.
From the Vault : Annihilation.
From the Vault: Dragons.
From the Vault: Exiled.
From the Vault: Legends.
From the Vault: Lore.
From the Vault: Realms.
From the Vault: Relics.
From the Vault: Transform.
From the Vault: Twenty.
Future Sight.
Future Sight FOIL.
Game Night.
Game Night 2019.
Gatecrash FOIL.
Global Series Jiang Yanggu
& Mu Yanling.
Guildpact FOIL.
Guilds of Ravnica.
Guilds of Ravnica FOIL.
Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kit cards.
Guilds of Ravnica: Mythic Ed.(Darft size BB US & Canada (Hasbro shop)).
Guru Promo cards.
Happy Holidays Promos cards.
Harper Prism Book Promos.
Hascon Promos.
Holiday Gift Box cards
Hour of Devastation.
Hour of Devastation FOIL.
Ice Age.
Ice Age (Glossy Serie)
Iconic Masters.
Iconic Masters FOIL.
IDW Promos Mag cards.
Innistrad FOIL.
Invasion FOIL.
Italian Junior League Cards(Oversized)
Journey into Nix.
Journey into Nix FOIL.
Judgment FOIL.
JumpStart (Tribal Format 200 reprints)
JumpStart FOIL
Kaladesh FOIL.
Kladesh Holiday Pack 2016 Booster.
Khans of Tarkir.
Khans of Tarkir FOIL.
Legends Italian.
Legions FOIL.
Lorwyn FOIL.
Magic Game Night.
Magic Game Night II.
Masters 25
Masters 25 FOIL.
Mercadian Masques.
Merc. Masques FOIL.
Mirrodin FOIL.
Mirrodin Besieged.
Mirrodin Besieged FOIL.
Modern Event Deck.
Modern Horizons.
Modern Horizons FOIL.
Modern Masters.
Modern Masters FOIL.
Modern Masters 2015.
Modern Masters 2015 FOIL.
Modern Masters 2017.
Modern Masters 2017 FOIL.
Morningtide FOIL.
Mystery Boosters.
Mystery Foil.
Nemesis FOIL.
New Phyrexia.
New Phyrexia FOIL.
Oath of the Gatewatch.
Oath of the Gatewatch FOIL.
Odyssey FOIL.
Onslaught FOIL.
Oversized Magic Cards.
Planar Chaos.
Planar Chaos FOIL.
Planechase Anthology.
Planechase 2009 (Including Planes cards).
Planechase 2012 Edition (Including Planes cards).
Planeshift FOIL (Including AA Cards)
Portal Alternate Text Cards.
Portal: Second Age.
Portal: Three Kingdoms.
PDS: Fire and Lightning.
PDS: Graveborn.
PDS: Slivers.
Pro Player Cards (2205-2006-2007)
Promotional cards various (FNM, WPN, DCI, standard showdown promo etc...)
For Mtg, I have been a player/seller and a collector's since 1994, I have stop to collect cards after "Avacyn Restored" but provide yet new cards.

I don't work anymore on ebay or very few due they new fees since September 2013.

I provide now MTG cards on , click on this Banner to reach it :

More easy for me on MKM for Mtg under Knickname : Magicsaleman (Belgium).

Thx at the Registration, to provide my user name during your registration in case off.
MCM is only available for the European Citizen but if you are from outside Europe and have find something that you need in my MCM shop ask me on this site !
Questions ?
Don't hesitate to contact me through the site contact page.

Thank you !
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