CCG Store : Warlord Saga of the Storm

Private Life and Policies
1. Privacy Notices. Personal information gathered during checkout is used only to process your order. WarlordCCG.Kingeshop.com will never sell, share or market your personal information. Your informations is only used to manage your orders.
2. Privacy Notices. We don't use cookies on our website. So no any informations will be keep in your PC. You must activate them only during the SSL process to don't have a basket cart bug.
3. Privacy Notices. We refused to sell stuff under 18 years.
4. Return Policies : All cards are guaranteed to be in the condition specified. If you feel that a card in your order has been graded incorrectly and would like a refund or exchange please e-mail within 7 days of receiving your order. Cards are graded very conservatively so it is unlikely that you will have a problem.
5. Payment Policies: All payment must be in Euro funds. Payment is accepted in the following ways : (A) Paypal Payment during check out. If you have add a problem to pay with Paypal for various reason please contact me. I'll send you a Paypal Payment request in case off. Don't pay yourself to provide errors. (B) National Bank transfer for Belgium (Iban and Bic code are giving to you during the checkout), (C) European Bank transfer for European countries with IBAN and BIC Code (Iban and bic code are giving to you during the checkout). Problems contact me or read or FAQ.
6. Shipping Policies : The WarlordCCG.Kingeshop Shop cart system owns a simply shipping cost system depending from your location. The system cumulate those shipping unfortunately. If you feel it is too much thanks to contact me to make some shipping corrections (See also our FAQ for this problems). Although it is very rare, some orders do get lost or damaged during transit. If you have chosen a registered sending option in supplement and if your order is lost or damaged, Warlord CCG Shop will either send out a replacement order or give a partial or total refund. Warlord CCG Shop cannot give a replacement or refund on lost or damaged shipments sent through simple Mail or airmail. To place an order with us you agree to not fill a Paypal complain if you have not chosen a Registered option.
7. Order Amount Policies : Due to our very cheap Shipping cost, we refused Paypal payment down a total amount of 5 Euro. The system will not provide you to order something for this amount or down.
8. Prices Policies : All prices and quantities are as accurate as possible. The Warlord CCG shop shopping cart is a live system that updates quantities when an ordered is placed. Almost always when you are able to order an item it is available and when you check out it is removed from the system so others cannot order it. In the unlikely event that there is an error with the price or quantity Warlord CCG Shop reserves the right to remove an item from your order. If a very small portion of your order is not available, Warlord CCG Shop will adjust your charge or make a refund for the missing items and ship the rest. If there is any more than a very small portion of your order unavailable, We'll will contact you before shipping your order.
9. Contact Policies : Thanks to contact us for any questions only via the Contact link of this site for the first time. Not through my Ebay, not through our other website. Don't forget to read our FAQ too for some various problems.