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Warlord CCG Betrayal
Release date : May 26, 2003. Number of Cards : 158. Date of the cards : 2003. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Betrayal was the seventh Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Call to Arms).
Warlord CCG Betrayal Boosters Box Warlord CCG Betrayal Booster
With the Betrayal expansion, we seen the first apparition of a new type of characters cards, named as the Traitors. As for example, we can notify; '' Mason Tallow'' for the Nothrog or '' Ramah the Cruel'' for the Deverenians. In fact, each faction as his own traitor in Betrayal. Thoses kinds of cards gives you some bonuses like drawing cards, reducing wounds etc... but you must applicate a another malus instead to have the benefit of the rules text card. Betrayal introduce some new mechanics with more interactions on your own deck that can influence of course the issue of the Battle.
Warlord CCG Betrayal Mason Tallow Warlord CCG Betrayal Ramah the Cruel
Some other powerful cards like ''Chirurgery Kit'' gives you the possibilities to have an additional Medecine check the same turn, the Dwarf ''Furore'' has the malus to not be equip by a Armor or shield, but he may equip 2 weapons. So sometimes, you must sacrifice something to have finally something beter. That's the main theme of the expansion. Of course, new Actions cards and items cards are there to increase the power of your deck.
Warlord CCG Betrayal Chirurgery Kit
Note that : This was the first apparition of the card ''Chirurgery kit'', as you can see only available as Fixed cards in the Elf Deck due to his Star symbole in a Circle. This card was of course reprint later in the Campaign Base set, Epic Edition Base set and of course in the 4th Edition distribued by Phoenix Interactive.
Warlord CCG Betrayal Constructed Deck
So with '' Call to Arms : Power and Glory '' , the previous Expansion there was no Theme Decks but with the Betrayal one, we can rediscover thoses ones in four differents Factions, three Warlords can only be find in thoses Starters, the Deverenian one was reprint for the Campaign edition but the picture for Betrayal are totaly different. You can find more Theme decks in our section
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