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Illustration : Craig Maher.
Sir Tython.
We have spoken about Warlords Character on the site but you can find here some explanations about the Overlord Character and some other higher Level character. The Overlord characters takes part in the challenge system of the game and are, in fact, a higher level challenge battle for the players. So the Overlord are stronger than a Warlord character. We are talking here about a challenge type Level 1, A Warlord against Overlord. So there's differents Level to pass to reach the ultimate game Level (aso named Tiers). Step by step, here is the differents Levels , challenges in the Warlord CCG game (updated with Phoenix Interactive so I'll not speak about the AEG challenge system, for this latest one you'll find some more informations in the WikiWarlord site.
Level 1 : As seen above, to play the first Level challenge, you must win the tournament to have a free challenge or you must own one 1 Unsigned Pre-4th ed Overlord to make this challenge.
Whats the Challenge so ?
With the 4th Edition format, (note that there's of course several various overlord) you must win this Overlord challenge against as for example : the '' Into the Forgotten City of Thas-Lirith '' deck. The Overlord against you'll play in this case is "Loki". What's the result of the game if you win ?
You Win the Loki Overlord card.
Level 2 : The Level 1 was perhaps ''easy'' ? Try the Level 2 ! You can try this Level as free challenge if you have win a the tournament or if you own the Loki character above (unsigned) from Level 1 or if you own also a Unsigned pre-4th ed Overlord. For this higher Level this is no more the Loki's deck that you must beat but the stronger Iron Golem deck... If you win the game (if) what's the result ? You win simply the ''Iron Golem'' character.
Level 3 : For this harder Level you must win as always the tournament to have a free challenge or you must own a Unsigned ''Iron Golem'' or 2 Unsigned pre-4th ed Overlord. Now 2 types of challenge are present: you can try to challenge a Dragon lord (Aldrich for the 4th ed) or a Daemon Lord (Sin Marduk for the 4th ed or Eresh q'Shedim). You win the character you have beat.
You will find just down the differents Overlord Attacks and some explanations for each of them. Each decks are create on the site and you can follow the link to discover the cards details of each ones. If I have make some mistakes about the explanations on page don't hesitate to tell me.... thanks.
The Level 4 (Tier 4) and Level 5 (Tier 5) as well as the "Apocalypse ship challenge" case are explained in
Overlord Attack List :
1) Abyssal Attack : First Overlord deck from 2002.
The Abyssal Attack was the first Overlord Attack. It featured Qor-Teth as the overlord. It has been official released May 18, 2002. 330 stores pre-ordered this Kit. All cards are codify AA.
2) Assault on Kcal'den Fortress : Second Overlord deck from November 2002.
Deck Rules :
Your starting army must have the following structure for their ranks :
For the Rank 1 : 3 x Defensive Wall / 3 x Tower of the Steel Rose / 1 x Archer Tower, for the Rank 2 : 3 x Castle Gate / 1 x Ramparts / 2 x Ballista Crew, for the Rank 3 : 1 x Ballista Crew / 2 x Archer Tower / 1 x Flamespitter / 1 x Ramparts, for the Rank 4 : 2 x Catapult Crew / 1 x Ramparts / 1 x Dragons Breath, for the Rank 5 : 1 x Flamespitter / 1 x Catapult Crew, for the latest Rank : your Siegemaster Kcalden Overlord.
The Specific Rules for the deck are the following ones :
At the beginning of the 6th turn Siegemaster Kcalden gains the text Order: Up to three times per turn, kill a character. When Siegmaster Kcalden falls he gains the order 1 turn sooner. This is cumulative.
Note that : the Overlord card
was printed and ruled to be invalid as a ticket for a challenge by AEG.
This card is issued from a special holyday promo action from December 2002 called Santa Slayer ''Twelve Days of Blood''. From December, 19 until December, 31 twelve cards were produced around the Christmas theme. Of course, Christophe Kringle can only be played during this 12 days. Te Other cards of this Santa Slayer promotions are the following ones :
More informations about this specific challenge also at this
3) Sir Tython's Last Stand : Third Overlord deck from June, 2003.
Sir Tython starts with two items, selected by his runners player after the opposing player reveals his starting army. If Sir Tython is undefeated, he starts with one less item in the next event. If he is defeated, he again start with two items next event.
Deck Rules :
4) From the Shadows : Fourth Overlord deck from October 2003.
It is a sealed deck event. The first and second place finishers of the tournament can try to play against Jelial's Deck. If they win, those two players win a copy of her deck. If they fail, then the next two players of place 3 and 4 can try to win against her deck. Etc... until some couple players win against her.
Deck Rules :
5) The Storm's Fury : Fifth Overlord deck from May 2004.
Deck Rules :
When Deimas deck is depleted, reshuffle her discard pile back into her deck and continue. This may be done any number of times per game. Deima has a hand size of seven cards for this event and draws all seven to start the game. Should she go undefeated, next week reduce her hand size by one card, to a minimum of five. Should Deima be defeated, increase her hand size by one during the next Deima event.
6) Ironhall's Rise : Sixth Overlord deck from August 2004.
Deck Rules :
After turn 3, Ironhall may perform the following ability Order: Once per turn, all non-gargoyles in play make a DC check (10 + the turn) or spend and suffer a wound. Ironhall may start in play with an additional level 2 in rank 2. Once per turn Ironhall may shuffle any amount of cards from his discard pile into his deck. Before the game starts, take Sjonegaards Mace from the prize support and add it to Ironhalls deck. All gargoyles in Ironhalls army are evil.
7) Wyvern's Rage : seventh Overlord deck from April, 2005.
Deck Rules :
Padrig is the Warlord for this event. Padrig may not be targeted by opposing characters while Wyvern is in play. The starting lineup is standard formation with Wyvern starting in the second rank before the challenge begins. Padrig remains in the third rank as your Warlord and you have to defeat Padrig to win the game. If he goes undefeated, Wyvern starts in play one rank behind where he started in the next tournament. Any time he is defeated, he moves up one rank closer in the next tournament. Padrig can perform the following two orders: Spend Order: Shuffle the discard pile into the deck. and Order: Put Wyvern into play adjacent to Padrig from your hand. This can cause illegal formations.
8) Xaxxon's Fire : Eight Overlord deck from October, 2005.
Deck Rules :
Xaxxon is the Overlord for the deck. The starting formation is a standard starting formation with Xaxxon where the Warlord would be. For the event, Xaxxon has the text, Order: Spend a character within one rank. During the first month, he can use this once per turn. During the second month, he can use it twice per turn. During the third month, he can use it three times per turn. If he defeated all comers during the previous event at that location, reduce the uses per turn by one to a minimum of one. If he was defeated during the previous event at that location, increase the uses per turn by one. Xaxxon also has the following text: React: After Xaxxon kills a spent character: Draw a card. Cards in Xaxxons discard pile may not be targeted by opposing players. If Xaxxons deck ever runs out of cards, immediately shuffle the discard pile into the deck. This is not an action, and other players may not use reacts in response to this.
9) Grip of Death : Nine Overlord deck from March, 2006.
Deck Rules :
Beradah Dythanus is the warlord for the deck. The Starting formation is a standard starting formation with Beradah Dythanus where the Warlord would be. For the event, Beradah Dythanus has the ability: Order: Wound a stunned character. During the first month, this can be used once per turn. After that, the number of uses per turn increases by one for each month passed. If he defeated all comers at the previous event at that location, decrease the number of uses by one (to a minimum of one). If he was defeated at the previous event at that location, increrase the uses by one. Beradah Dythanus also has the ability, React: After another players action targets one or more cards in Beradah Dythanuss discard pile: Inflict a number of wounds on one of that players characters equal to the number of cards targeted. If Beradah Dythanuss deck ever runs out of cards, immediately shuffle the discard pile into the deck. This is not an action, and other players may not use reacts in response to this.
10) Ascendant's Madness : Tenth Overlord deck from October, 2006.
Deck Rules :
Starting with the first place player, each participant in the tournament has an opportunity to defeat Orm alGhast and claim the deck as their prize. If the first place player fails to defeat Orm alGhast, the second place player has a chance, then the third place player, and so forth until either Orm alGhast or all players have been defeated. So Orm alGhast is the warlord for the deck. The Starting formation is a standard starting formation with Orm alGhast where the Warlord would be. For the event, Orm alGhast player may, at the end of the turn, shuffle a card from his discard pile into his deck. Please add one cope of Olivark the Quiet Promo card to the Orm alGhast deck. Also, at the beginning of the game, search Orms deck for a character and put it into play. For each consecutive time he is defeated, repeat this process.
Note that : The Overlord
was issued from the ''Nodwick' promo series that contains ten promo cards
based upon the Nodwick comic strip. Those cards were bundled with the Champions deck and for other occasions. This promo series contains also the following cards :
Note that: There's no Overlord attack deck for the Overlord
Those cards were given as normal promo at Gen Con 2007 of for other occasions with or without the Helena Dascum Overlord Card set that normaly must contains also the following cards : Veil of Secrecy, Calling the Storm, Medusan Lord's Might, Tide's Ascension, Medusan Lord's Guile, Medusan's Heritage, Sack of Baraxton, Malrog's First Test, Medusan's Wargear and The Haunted. Thoses cards exist in both normal and Foil version.
Note also that : There's no Overlord attack deck for the Overlord
This one was only available in a kind of Kit including the following promos cards :
This little Kit was a challenge to play after a Battlepack tournament. The Rules was thoses ones : Before the first challenge, open new Battlepack and replace the Warlord there with Edric DIlchant. Shuffle into the pack Embersmane and Devastating Charge. For the challenge, ALL of your characters are considered to be Deverenian Paladins. This means that you can start them in play as Deverenians, and they dont suffer a loyalty penalty. The Dungeon card, Castle Lorath, begins in play (you dont need to pay the cost of putting it into play). Keep in mind that this Dungeon increases stats of ALL of your Characters, since they are all Deverenian Paladins, per rule above.
Note also that : The following Overlords
are also not taken from a Overlord deck but like the Edric D'Ilchant, thoses Overlords are a challenge that is run after Battlepack Tournament. It is so a Kit type presentation too.
The challenger gets to choose one Qor-Teth Overlord, from those that not yet been won, to challenge against. The winners wins only the Overlord card, not the complete Kit. After the challenge deck is depleted, immediately re-shuffle it back into the deck (This includes any cards that were removed from the game or in the discard pile, but not those in play or attached to your characters). Each Qor-Teth has the ability to summon an Abyssal Ally to help him fight, using the following ability: ''Order: Once per turn: Put a card from your hand face down in rank 1 as an Astral Abyssal Monster fighter.'' The stats and abilities of this fighter are based on which Qor-Teth you play:
* Qor-Teth Firefist: ''Level 1 with +1 ATK, 1 AC, +1 Skill, 1 HP'' and the text ''This character has +1 ATK for each other Abyssal in this rank.''.
* Arcane Qor-Teth: ''Level 2 with +0/+0 ATK, 5 AC, +4 Skill and 1 HP''.
* Elder Qor-Teth: ''Level 4 with +9/+2 ATK, 1 AC, +6 Skill, 3 HP'' and the text ''After a melee strike targets this fighter: If the strike has +5 ATK or less it is a Critical Failure.''
The Kit deck contains the following cards : Deck contents: 2 x Children of Yscar / 2 x Temple of Lore / 2 x Nightclaw / 2 x Skincrawler / 2 x Shadowreaver / 2 x Jackals of Mourn / 2 x Hand of the Queen / 2 x Pit Fight / 2 x Teleport / 2 x Black Moss / 2 x Potion of Blurring and 2 x Giant Strength Potion. So Mercenaries as characters.
Illustration : Jason Engle.
11) Into the Forgotten City of Thas-Lirith : Eleventh Overlord Deck from July 2008.
First overlord attack deck for Phoenix, it introduce two new cards :
As specify above in the different steps (or Tiers). The Overlord Loki is used to play the Level 1 (Low Level) and the Iron Golem is used to play the Level 2 (High Level). If you win the Level 1 you win Loki and if you beat the Level 2 you win the Flesh Golem as trophy. The two decks are the same but for the Tier 2, the Iron Golem replace as Overlord Loki so Loki is loosing is Overlord trait for this Level.
Loki Deck Rules (Tier 1):
First we must notify the following Errata for the Loki's character :
The +5 in the text '' Ranged strikes and save DCs from actions performed by Loki from items gain +5 '' has been replaced with +2. Therefore the corrected text reads '' Ranged strikes and save DCs from actions performed by Loki from items gain +2. ''
The rules of the deck so are : For Overlord Challenges, Loki retains his original +5 bonus to his ranged strikes and DCs. Loki starts with a copy of Leveled! attached. Order: Up to twice per turn put an item into play facedown adjacent to Loki with the following stats: +7/+2 ATK, 14 AC, +4 Skill, 2HP with the Construct Trait and level equal to the item used. Order: Once Per Turn shuffle any number of cards from your discard pile into your deck.
Iron Golem Rules (Tier 2):
As specify just above the
replace Loki as Overlord in this higher Level Tier.
So Loki loses his Overlord trait, when an Iron Golem is included in the deck. You can still only play one Iron Golem in a deck with him.
The Rules deck are :

Order : Spend a Wizard: move forward one rank.
Order: Spend a Wizard: perform a Magic Resistance check to discard an item within one rank or removed two cards from any discard pile from the game.
Order: Oncer Per Turn shuffle any number of cards from your discard pile back into your deck.
12) The Shadow of Wings : Twelve Overlord Deck from April 2010.
The Overlord Kit is assembled for a minimum of two Overlord tournaments and contains a 25 card-deck, six participation promo cards to be distribued as the TO sees fit, one extra Overlord.
After the tournament have the first placed player challenge the Overlord Deck with his tournament deck (you may allow the second placed player to defend the deck). If the challenger wins, he may keep the Overlord and the event is over. If he loses, the next placed player may try to win the Overlord, and so on. Play the following rules as if printed on Drasek:
Order : Once per game, target all opposing characters: each target must succeed with a Magic Save (DC 15) or become stunned. This is a Water action. React: Once per turn, after Drasek the Furious kills an opposing character with a melee strike: Remove one wound from drasek the Furious. Order: Once per turn: Shuffle your discard pile into your deck.
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