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"Insect Swarm" (Pog'Myrmex Kit) illustration by Jonny Klein.
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14) Pog'Myrmex : Fourteenth Overlord Deck from November 2010.
The Reveal of Pog'Myrmex was announced by the official Warlord CCG Blog on first days of November 2010 for the Kohit IX event. This new Nothrog Overlord was available as challenge at this date at the same time as "the Fall of Winterhold side event" case.
This special kit is assembled for two Overlord Challenge, so this kit contains 2 Pog'Myrmex as well as 6 Insect Swarm (The Pog'Myrmex Token - Participation Promo card). Note that there's just one Tip card for the entire kit.
The rules of the Kit are the following ones :
After the tournament have the first placed player challenge the Overlord Kit with his tournament deck (Use the following as a suggestion) :

1 X Pog'Myrmex.
3 X Gunda.
2 X Ballista Crew.
1 X Hovrakk.
2 X Hrunting.
2 X Rress.
2 X Kor's Patience.
2 X Mud Slick.
2 X Sacrifice.
1 X Forest's Hunger.
2 X Withering Gaze.
2 X Thrust.
2 X Camel.
15) Winter Eternal : Fifteenth Overlord deck from January 2011 (For Winter Campaign 2011).
"Lord Winter" Warlord from Tooth and Claw Expansion. Illustration : Llyn Hunter.
"Winter Eternal" Warlord - Overlord from Winter Campaign 2011 - Focused Pic.
The basic idea was to take a powerful Warlord and to re-create a 4E one enough powerful for the 4E Tournament environment.
As you can see the rules seems to be similar ... A Dwarf Overlord (Loki), two Mercenary Overlord (Drasek the Furious, Iron Golem), A Nothrog Overlord(Pog'Myrmex) were previously created so time for a Elf one.
You'll see just down the case of Utnapishtim (Chosen Pverlord). Note that for the moment at this date (March 2012), there's no Free Kingdoms as well as Deverenian Overlord for the 4E Arc.
Even if the license of Phoenix has not been renewed to produce new cards at this date (March 2012), one Overlord still pending yet to be released for yet a Campaign Events in 2012.
The Winter Eternal tournament kit contains some mixed product, promo cards and of course the Winter, Eternal challenge kit.

This kit contains nine Chill's Razor (Weapon Item - Prize tournament card for the eight best players), and Fourth each other Winter, Eternal Challenge card.
After the tournament you are going to host "Winter, Eternal Challenges", and the first three to beat it are getting a full set of the Winds as well as the Winter, Eternal Overlord that is going to be play legal as a Warlord on February 15th 2011.

The three differents "Winds" or called more "Hounds" by the players are :

- The Cutting North Wind.
- The Howling East Wind.
- The Biting West Wind.

There's no South Wind.

Note that the Pic of the "Cutting North" wind has been taken from Bone Hound from the Nest of Vipers expansion due to the new cut frame art of Lord Winter. In fact the Latest dog on the back side was not enough clear and detailed for a clear entire new card. The Bone Hound was perfect as a replacement.

Lord Winter was expected to be released in a future set due to his printing quantities rarety. So Lord Winter and two hounds were inserted released in the latest City of Gold (APS 24-25-26) as Rare card, Promo Symbol as well but codify COG in place off 4E Codofication.

The third hound "The Howling East Wind" were only released as Ordo Promo, as well as "Chill's Razor" with the same printing codification as above.

"Chill'Razor" Overlord Kit Version.
"Winter's Chill" Original Pic from Call To Arms Expansion (Glory Box).
Elf / Mercenary "Winds" in the Winter Eternal Kit.
16) Utnapishtim : sixteenth Overlord Deck from August 2011 (Also called "The Plague Ship - the Challenge" or sometimes "The Apocalypse Ship Challenge".
"Utnapishtim" - Illustration : Rom.
Background Story : "Something was wrong. Nyala looked up from the net she had been mending in the shadow of the palm tree. Looking out over the calm sea, nothing stirred in the turquoise-blue waters. The wind was slight, enough to cool the sweat on her skin, but hardly any clouds dotted the blue skies.

Then what was it? Nyala suddenly realized it was the complete stillness of everything. There were no bird cries, no buzzing of insects, even the sound of the turf and the rustling of wind-driven sand seemed quieter than usual. As if the world was holding its breath.

Nyala focussed on the beach far beyond the lagoon she was sitting at, the beach that was part of the little peninsula that formed the protected lagoon. And she wished to be there. As usual the result slightly nauseated her, as if she had eaten some rotten fish. But now it only took a few steps through the foliage to come out on the other side.

On the horizon a dark shape hovered, like a storm front, smaller, yet even more menacing. As she tried to focus on the shifting mass, a shadow fell on her. “So there are seagulls after all” was the last thing she thought before a mighty blow drove her to the ground. A second after the attack the stench came, making her gag while the fiery-hot pain raked across her back provided a fine counterpoint. Unable to move she could now see something emerge from the clouds across the sand level with her eyes, a ship of sorts. Above the strange ship flying creatures soared, oozing menace.

“Daemons, not seagulls. The Chosen have finally sought a way across the waves. I must warn the lady”, she thought wearily, and then the shadow returned".
How Does this challenge works ?
The player has to stop the fortress ship before it actually reaches the Isle of the Gods where it intends to squash the rebellion once and for all :

Battle ground :
The Apocalypse Ship starts in the front rank without a starting army.
Characters with the Aquatic trait gain “Spend react: Before The Plague Ship moves: Cancel the movement.

At the end of each turn, move The Apocalypse Ship towards the opponent’s last rank (you may move into another formation). If The Apocalypse Ship leaves the last rank of the opposing army with this movement, it leaves the battle and wins. The Apocalypse Ship may not move by any other action. The Apocalypse Ship does not fall out of the opposing rank with no characters in his.
The Challenge Promo Card is (Nisroch with an another name):

Source Texts : Warlord CCG Official Blog.
17) "Sal'Azar the Gilded " : Ten seventh Overlord - GenCon 2012.
Revealed at GenCon 2012.
We have seen above some details about the challenge and the mainly Overlord Attack but we don't have yet the details about the Dragon Lords / Daemon Lords (Level or Tier 3) you can find some additional explanations about them at this
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