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Warlord CCG Dragon's Fury
Release date : October 24, 2005. Number of Cards : 168. Date of the cards : 2005. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Dragon's Fury was the fourteenth Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Hero's Gambit Expansion)
Bugs : Campaign Tournament and Epic format.
Warlord CCG Dragon's Fury Booster Warlord CCG Dragon's Fury Booster Box Warlord CCG Dragon's Fury Constructed Deck
Dragon's Fury brings hugh dragons character to the forefront of Warlord. There's one dragons for each faction to magical items created from dragon scale, thoses mythic beasts will bring power to your decks. The Dragon's Fury expansion also melds the classes in Warlord together like never before. Abilities that can only be performed by two or more characters of different classes add new powers available to your armies for the first time. This expansion features the first cards bugged for Epic Edition as well as the presence of the Campaign Bug.
Warlord CCG Dragon Cyldragen Dragon's Fury
In this expansion, no faction is safe—even the Deverenians, who worship of the Storm, are suffering scorch marks where towns used to be. The dragons are hardly all working together, though. Each faction has found a dragon who is sympathetic—or at least more interested
in destroying the other factions instead. Along with the six factional dragons,
there are two support cards for dragons
"Poisoned Tabas" (Item Card) and "Dragon’s Breath" (Action Card), a dragon familiar Dragon Coils, and an ancient cursed artifact for controlling the
dragons: the mystical "Orb of Dragon kind". These cards are mixed in with the rares, but appear only half as often as a normal rare.
"Cyldragen" Sketch by Ed Cox.
All of the factions explore their special subtypes in Dragon’s Fury, with warlords specially geared to work with the subtypes in fresh new ways. Also, each subtype is receiving two support cards— actions or items— designed to enhance their roles in the field of battle.
There are actions reflecting new combined arms techniques, items which grow stronger with the presence of other classes, and characters trained to function especially well with members of other classes ("Finals" cards).
There are also some cards which decks with all one class, such as "Shadow of Murder" and "Shadow of Jealousy".
This set includes as well a large number of Siege characters and some Dragons Steed that can be only found in the starter decks as Fixed Cards.
Dragon's Fury Card List :
1) A Simple Plan 2) Absorb Energy 3) Abyssal Larvae 4) Acolyte Dorra 5) Acolyte Miroslav 6) Administer Poison 7) Alexa Genecourt 8) Alloy Gargoyle 9) Altar of Flesh 10) Antaelus 11) Apprentice Jarl 12) Ar'tek's Rampage 13) Arrax 14) Assault on Mourn 15) Athril Gargoyle 16) Awena 17) Balance 18) Banyon 19) Barrett Yscar 20) Bascia Tremayne 21) Behind the Scenes 22) Bishop Ionna 23) Blackruby Dagger 24) Blackruby Helm 25) Blackruby Mail 26) Blackruby Sword 27) Blacksand Catapult 28) Bloodspite 29) Bones of the Earth 30) Brack Ghast 31) Brel 32) Brinespawn 33) Brother Dominy 34) Brutal Cut 35) Cairbre Netheryn 36) Caitlyn the Free 37) Carm Sengri 38) Carrion Fiend 39) Clantz 40) Coal Gargoyle 41) Commanding Energies 42) Cover Me 43) Crippling Strike 44) Crunchy Peasants 45) Cunning Shot 46) Cutting Stone 47) Cyldragen 48) Dallen's Eye 49) De Mors 50) Demented 51) Dragon's Breath 52) Dragon's Fury 53) Dragon's Lair 54) Dragonhide 55) Efrit Fire 56) Elemental Madness 57) Elissa Yscar 58) Elwyn Rowan 59) Etor Chance 60) Face Me 61) Farglass 62) Fel Rowan 63) Fetter 64) Final Faith 65) Final Power 66) Final Rage 67) Final Trickery 68) Flamefang 69) Flash Freeze 70) Focus 71) Fool's Fortune 72) Fool's Gold 73) Forgotten 74) Ghed Imogene 75) Ghed Jaroslav 76) Ghed Solan 77) Goldenpeak 78) Goza 79) Healing Affinity 80) Heart of the Earth 81) Icefall 82) Ironfang 83) Ironrule 84) Jal Forsyth 85) Jaqueline's Amulet 86) Jet Gargoyle 87) Jin Valford 88) Kallistone 89) Kiras Yscar 90) Kor's Patience 91) Kylia Smythe 92) Kyros Calix 93) Lars Trunk 94) Lightning Charge 95) Lightning Strikes 96) Lodestone Gargoyle 97) Lost Cause 98) Lost Pack 99) Mad Yscarite 100) Makusog Cavalry 101) Markappal Hag 102) Markappal Mire 103) Metamorphosis 104) Mimicry 105) Minor Dragonkin 106) Mistress Edrea 107) Morrigan's Coils 108) No Escape 109) Opal Gargoyle 110) Open Contract 111) Orb of Dragonkind 112) Osis Tansiq 113) Pardon 114) Phantom Steed 115) Piercing Strike 116) Pious 117) Poisoned Talons 118) Poultice Sack 119) Power Shot 120) Prototype 121) Raid the Armory 122) Rain of Fire 123) Reckless 124) Reginald Tzin 125) Regret's Shadow 126) Resonate Stone 127) Rotwing 128) Rretrok 129) Sacrificial Bond 130) Severed of Bone 131) Severed of Spirit 132) Shadow of Greed 133) Shadow of Jealousy 134) Shadow of Murder 135) Shadow of Sloth 136) Shared Fates 137) Shiri the Stormkissed 138) Sir Kolya Genecourt 139) Smoke Imp 140) Solus d'Ilchant 141) Soul of the Dragon 142) Soulwing 143) Ssithiss 144) Stolen Substance 145) Strategic Strike 146) Syvonne Ashenstorm 147) Syvonne's Secret 148) Tahmores Yscar 149) Tempestroyal 150) Terlacha 151) The First King's Crown 152) The Hungry Dead 153) The Storm's Truths 154) The True Word 155) Twisting the Omens 156) Tybast 157) Unfeeling Flesh 158) Valanthe's Web 159) Vaxon 160) Vellum Press 161) Venomhiss 162) Wagon Team 163) Warren Brood 164) Wheeled Pikes 165) Whetstone 166) Withering Gaze 167) Wyvern's Claw 168) Yscar's Rage.
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