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4eXtended (Unofficial Player Base Edition).
League format & Locality Game System Rules.
Illustration : Florian Stitz.
Year 2001 : Warlord: Saga of the Storm 1st ed - (April 9, 2001) / Assassin's Strike (August 6, 2001) / Good and Evil (October 29, 2001) / Year 2002 : Tooth and Claw (January 28, 2002) / Black Knives (Reprint(April 1, 2002)) / Nest of Vipers (July 15, 2002) / Siege (October 28, 2002) / Year 2003 : Call to Arms: Power and Glory (Two differents Boosters Box) (February 24, 2003) / Betrayal (May 26, 2003) / Dominance (August 25, 2003) / Year 2004 : Southern Kingdoms (February 2, 2004) / Campaign Edition (2d Base set)(March 29, 2004) / Sneak Attack (June 28, 2004) / Counter Attack (October 18, 2004) / Year 2005 : Death's Bargain (February 28, 2005) / Hero's Gambit (July 5, 2005) / Dragon's Fury (October 24, 2005) / Year 2006 : Eye of the Storm (April 24, 2006) / Epic Edition (Third Base Set)(August 21, 2006) / Temple of Lore (October 30, 2006) / Year 2007 : Plane of Secrets (April 30, 2007) / Stolen Destiny (Online Set)(June 20, 2007) / Light and Shadow (August 2007) / Year 2008 : 4th Edition (PI -4th ed Base set) (July 31, 2008) / Shattered Empires (PI)(December 15, 2008) / Year 2009 : (PI) Crimson Coast (April 30, 2009) / 4E Learn-to-Play Set for two players(April 30, 2009) / Treasure Chest (Special Foils Edition) (August 31, 2009) / Year 2010 : Sands of Oblivion (January 2010) / City of Gold (2 First APS 20-21 Street release date : September,30th 2010) Second APS 22-23 Street release April 2011) / Year 2011 : 10th Anniversary Open Reprint Set (September 2011) / COG (APS 24-25-26 (November 2011) / Ancient Lore (DP2 Set) (November 2011).
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4eXtended (Unofficial Player Expansions).
The Warlord CCG official Blog has announced on date of February,23 2012 that Phoenix Interactive will not renewed the license to publish new Warlord cards for 2012.
It seems as well that AEG, the actual owner of the rights of the game, doesn't wish to redeem it.
Even if Phoenix still in charge to organize events and sell the actual 4E products, as well as some not yet released promo cards, the future of the game has been stop officialy.

As Star Trek CCG in the past, some ToL site members have decided to organize a another futur with non profit downloaded new cards.

Basically, since September 2012, new stuff has begin to be created and a new possible future seems to be open with some unkown details about the card design.

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Or the TOL Forum at this
Halloween 2012 Overlord "Ol' Jack Hollows" 4eXtended.
Item : Mokolla and characters "the Grumpkins".
Donated Pic for the community by Lamplight Studios.
The Overlord tournament kit contains 3 overlords, 12 participation prizes, 4 top 4 prizes, and 1 of each for the organizer. For a total of 22 cards total.
First unofficial Medusan Lord and his items (January 2013) :

- Draxon the Stormbreaker (Medusan Lord Chosen Mercenary Dragon Daemon).
- Dragon Frenzy (Classless Action).
- Hand of the Storm (Cleric Item).

Original art from Hong Kuang "Abyss".
I don't know if it's a copyrighted pic or not so in Case of doubt, pic as not show here.
- "Aftermath" first unofficial expansion can be see directly at this
This Aftermath Card list is only a overview with the cards name of this expansion.
This Aftermath Excel Card list just above can be download in your own doc to build your decks. Each card owns a link directly to the TOL Site for Pic.
- "Return to the Accordlands" second unofficial expansion can ben see directly at this
This Return to the Accordlands Card list contains only a overview with the cards name of this expansion.
This Return to the Accordlands Excel Card list just above can be download in your own doc to build your decks. Each card owns a link directly to the TOL Site for Pic.
Notes : I canno't unfortunately put the 4Extended cards on my site due to copyrighted pic used.
The Warlord League Rules Case (RPG Style Game) :
Printed in the first "War Journal" in 2002, the Warlord League Rules is a alternate Warlord type of game that mix in fact the usual Role playing game (RPG) and the usual CCG (Collectible card game). As well as a RPG, the Warlord League rules owns a type of "scenario" with some conditions that will gives you a different end of the game.

Like the beginning of each RPG game, you are a Warlord character with low experience trying to lead your troops to vitory and to acquire of course... some more experience to increase your own characteristics.

Of course, your character and your army starts the game as Level 1, so everyone are some real noobs !
To win some more Levels, and of course due to that some forces, you must gain "Experience points" true some various quests, battles ... but at the start of the game with your inexperience, your are limited in the items you can have and of course in ythe actions you can realise. More you'll win some battles and Quests, more you'll be able to use some more powerfull items and actions.
That's the main principle of each RPG. When I was jonger, I have played a lot of them and it could be for you an your friends an excellent funny alternative to discover of the Warlord CCG game. Around on a table with some candles with a Medieval musci in the background the ambience of the game could reach you perhaps ... to the Accordlands (the RPG game of Warlord CCG).

So let's go for more informations !

Of course, you are a Warlord character and you must choose one faction to play this game even if you can change him against a another later.

As a RPG game there's a kind of "Master of the Game" in this case this designed person will be the "League Organizer". His job is to notify who's has win or lost some games and who's has gains some experience points and managed all what can be now done or not as for resume : attempted and completed quests.

Experience Points :

So all league games are a one on one battle, and experience points will given to the Winner (generally 60 XP) and the looser will have a substraction of 20 XP of his actual XP points.
In addition of this total "Win points Game" for the winner, he takes also the total number of character levels in his opponent's discard pile (including the Warlord if you won...); he gains also that many experience points.

Match Handicap : And finally, you gain bonus experience depending on the skill level of your opponent. Take the difference between your level and your opponent's level and multiply by 10.

As for example :

* If you win the game and your Warlord owns Skill 4 and your opponent owns Skill 5 (You have beat a stronger Warlord character), the points result would be (5 - 4 = 1 x 10 =) 10 points.
This entire total is also added to your experience points.
The losing player substract this total to his total experience points.

* If you win the game and your Warlord owns Skill 5 and your opponent owns Skill 4 (You have beat a weaker ... Warlord character), the points results would be the same 10 points but you must substract half of this handicap (so 5 points) to your total and the weaker warlord wins the same number of points but in addition ...

So now as each RPG to reach the following level you need a certain number of points level, thet are notify Like this :
Level :         Points required :
1                   0
2                  100
3                  300
4                  600
5                  1000
6                  1500
7                  2100
8                  2800
9                  3600
10               4500
As you have seen above, if you have reach a higher level, that's the League organizer that will allows your new level, you'll have some new benefits.

Note that : The highest level you may advance to is equal the current highest army level + 1.

The Level Restrictions :


Your army may only use actions equal to its current level. A level 1 army may only use level 1 actions, while a level 4 army could use up to level 4 actions.
All actions of level 5 or more are restricted until players "unlock" them for their armies by completing quests (see below).


All items of level 5 or higher as well as all Treasure cards are restricted; you may negate the restrictions on these items for your army by completing quests.


Aside from your Warlord, your army may only use characters of level 3 or less. You may raise the restrictions on individual characters of level 4 or higher through completing quests.

Note : Make a score card as for reminder for your experience points so you can also notify on it, when you have unlocked some cards if you have completing some Quests or if you have reach an another higher level.

Notes about the terrain :

Battles comes to you, and the decision on where it will happen isn't always yours. A terrrain is used to represent the location of a specific batlle; it alters the normal game in some fashion. The Terrain in effect is not known by the players ahead of time, so they cannot alter their deck to avoid possible penalties. League orqanizers can determine in which fashion they will use terrain (if at all) and how it will be change each week. Terrain effects the league in the following way:

- Permanent: A random Terrain is in effect for entire week. All games being played, durinq this time are under the effects of the same Terrain.

- Temporary: Before any batlle, one player rolls a d2O. If the roll is 5 or less, then only the current game is under the effect of a random Terrain. Otherwise it acts as permanent Terrain.
Rules developed by Jester's Playhouse, Northfield, NJ by Duncan Bachen, Jeff Trout, Rich Gain.


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