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Warlord CCG Good and Evil
Release date : October 29, 2001. Number of Cards : 162. Date of Cards : 2001. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Good and Evil is the second Warlord CCG Expansion.
Warlord CCG Good and Evil Boosters Box Warlord CCG Good and Evil Booster Warlord CCG Good and Evil Booster
As the title of the expansion said , the main theme from this set was the Good and the Evil Characters so it was the time of a new introduction Keyword: The Alignement. If you have perhaps read some of our Lexicon terms on the site, the Aligment of a character could be good (White color icon) or bad (black color icon). Thoses two types of characters are of course in conflict against each others, that's the main theme of this expansion. Some new subclasses appear of course in the game, mainly due to this kind of duality. So welcome Lycanthrope, Paladin, Lich and other good or bad things on your side or... against you. According to this new types of cards, some items and actions were created to be in symbiosis with this new brand duality in the game.
Warlord CCG Good and Evil Constructed Deck
As always, 4 theme decks were available following the same confrontation idea as the set himself. So they were a Evil Champion Starter deck (Deverenian Faction), a Good Overlord starter deck lead by the Dwarf Faction, a Good Champion starter deck, Free Kingdoms of course and finaly a Evil Overlord starter deck with some Nothrogs troups.
Some cards, of course, were only available as fixed cards in thoses ones like the ''Dragon Plate'' who's may only be equipped by a good Paladin or ''The Stormbrand'' who's may only be equipped by an Evil Paladin.
Warlord CCG Good and Evil Dragon Plate Warlord CCG Good and Evil Stormbrand
More informations about those Theme decks in our section
All cards issued from the Good and Evil Theme decks are codify GE, without any numbering classification collection.
Note that : The Good and Evil expansion shows for the first time the ''Familiar'' equip location. Usually in symbiosis with your some of your characters, those ones provide mainly a Skill type bonus and/or some more abilities.
Good and Evil Card List :
1) 2-Handed Sword 2) Aenne the Tempest 3) Animate Skeleton 4) Archer Team 5) Athril Hammer 6) Aurora Flame 7) Avenger 8) Ball Lightning 9) Bands of Force 10) Barakiel 11) Baron Voghul 12) Battle Plans 13) Bear Form 14) Between the Ribs 15) Black Sun Shield 16) Blessed Water 17) Bracers of Archery 18) Cardinal Scelus 19) Catching Arrows 20) Chinua Ukwu 21) Clerics' Guild 22) Cloak of Many Things 23) Conversion 24) Crush 25) Curse of Rage 26) Cymaniel 27) Daanso Batoq 28) Darkness 29) Davon Ironthorn 30) Death Rune 31) Decay 32) Defensive Posture 33) Degais 34) Demonic Possession 35) Deslarion 36) Disarm 37) Distrust 38) Divine Anguish 39) Divine Right 40) Donovan Che'har 41) Doppleganger 42) Dragon Plate 43) Dragon's Breath 44) Earth's Fury 45) Earthquake 46) Edge 47) Edouard 48) Elegy 49) Elemere 50) Elephant Form 51) Ellyah 52) Ellyah's Children 53) Eye of Morghen 54) Eyestalk of Confusion 55) Eyestalk of Disintegration 56) Eyestalk of Fear 57) Eyestalk of Sleep 58) Eyestalk of Sloth 59) Eyestalk of Stoneflesh 60) Fighters' Guild 61) Fireball 62) Forget 63) Full Defense 64) Fumble 65) Fury 66) Gas Grenade 67) Gaston Bonhomme 68) Golden Dragon Shield 69) Griffon of Misear 70) Grimjack 71) Grukth 72) Hand of Morghen 73) Helix 74) Hope 75) Hurled Dagger 76) Imprisoned 77) Inspiration 78) Ironcloth Bracer 79) Jad'harak 80) Jamr ibn Al-as 81) Jared Kirpatrick 82) Killing Blow 83) Kun Hull 84) Lava Burst 85) Layamon 86) Lazarus Saul 87) Leave it to Me 88) Life Drain 89) Lightning Bolt 90) Lord Anguisant 91) Lunassa 92) Magma Gargoyle 93) Main Gauche 94) Memory's Flame 95) Minor Globe of Invulnerability 96) Morghen Dythanus 97) Muddflek 98) Mystic Fog 99) Nehil 100) No Rest 101) Noenare 102) Nokhtkruger 103) Out of the Shadows 104) Overrun 105) Phon 106) Pike 107) Point Blank Shot 108) Poisoned Blood 109) Protection from Evil 110) Protection from Good 111) Protection from Missiles 112) Qaiya Mennanakh 113) Rain of Shards 114) Raubin 115) Revenge 116) Ring of Air 117) Ritual of Eternal Darkness 118) Roc Form 119) Rock Crawlers 120) Rod of Wonder 121) Rogues' Guild 122) Rrek'tor 123) Rune of Swift Striking 124) Sabith Yscar 125) Sakarian Giant 126) Scales of the Storm 127) Scouting the Target 128) Shade Lion 129) Shambling Mound 130) Shield 131) Sir Magnus Arcadis 132) Sir Rhawn d'Ilchant 133) Sjonegaard 134) Skull of Dythanus 135) Slave Labor 136) Sleight of Hand 137) Soul Chamber 138) Speed of the Gods 139) Spider Form 140) Spiritreaver 141) Squire Lucian 142) Stealing from the Dead 143) Storm's Caress 144) Stormbrand 145) Studded Leather 146) Summon Ally 147) Summon Gargoyle 148) Take Advantage 149) Terak Justicebringer 150) Terror of Sharn Keep 151) The Gauntlet 152) The Quest Beast 153) Trample 154) Uthival Tremayne 155) Vehdred 156) Vengeance 157) Walk on Wind 158) Wall of Stone 159) Wizards' Guild 160) Wolf Form 161) Word of Recall 162) Yscar the Elder.
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