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Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the Storm Legend of the Five Rings L5R
L5R: Illustration by Christopher Appel.
Warlord CCG: Illustation by Jose Pardo.
Warlord CCG / L5R Buy List General Informations :
Warlord CCG Kingeshop is often looking to buy for Warlord CCG and Legend of the Five Rings cards singles and collection.
You can find in this site page some cards list that I need and that you can sell to me.
If you have a lot of cards to sale us, we need a clear description of it: As for example: Number of cards, Number of rares cards, number of uncommons cards, commons cards, Foils cards, promo cards, wich edition(s) etc...

You can contact me through the website link contact and after my contact, you can send me your card list that you want to sell.
* The Warlord CCG and L5r card List that you can find in the two separated downloaded PDF just down are not for sale. Instead, these are cards files I will buy from you in exchange of cash.
* Warlord CCG Kingeshop will always pay you with Paypal. We can also accept bank transfer for some European countries if you are already a customer of the site.
* Cost of shipping cards to Warlord CCG Kingeshop are payed by the seller. It must contains a registered option fees. So for example for the United States it could be USPS priority mail with registered option. (Except if you are already a regular site customer and if the value if not high). In some case, if the value is not high, we can accept a non registered sending.
* Most of the time a single card are purchased at a Maximum 1/2 site value, some cards can be purchase at a higher price but in this case it'll be discuss together. Lots of cards are purchase as a Fixed price with mutual agreement.
* If you have a large Warlord CCG or Legend of the Five Rings collection and do not want to use our buylist files, you may email a detailed description of what you have to sell for review. You must include an asking price with this email.
* After we have agree about price and cards. I must received a sending confirmation (email from your part) within 5 open days of our mutual agreement. Can't wait 15 days to have a sending confirmation because I manage also other trade request in the meantime.
* Most of the time you'll received your payment after we have received your cards card, except some personal agreement between us.
* We only accept Mint or Near Mint cards.
My Buy List system gives you the best price for the card that you'll sell to me and the guarantee for our customers to find always what they need, even for the hard to find Warlord CCG and L5R cards !
So the best stock, the best trade, the best choice there's no secrets ! And so ... everyone is happy !
L5R Legend of the Five Rings Warlord Saga of the Storm Warlord CCG Warlord CCG Buy List Trade Good Prices Customer Service
Click on the banner just above to check my Warlord CCG Buy list card (EXTERNAL PDF).
Click on the banner just above to check my L5R Buy list card (EXTERNAL PDF).
UPDATE DONE : End October, 2015.
You can download my Warlord Saga of the Storm (Warlord CCG) as well as my L5R public data base (PENDING), booth free, to work on them en enter your cards that you want to sell.

Note that : The public Warlord CCG data base doesn't contains the Promo cards ... so in case off ... you must add them manually at the end of this files the promo cards you want to sell) and send me back by email this none. More easy !

* You'll find the Warlord Saga of the Storm Public data base file at this
* You'll find the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) data base file at this site
Notes :
* PDF annotations for my Warlord Saga of the Storm (Warlord CCG) as well as L5R Buy list :

- X = still have some of this card but need more to reach 1 or 2 playsets.

- 0 = I don't have any of this card in stock in this version, I need 2 playsets ore more.
* My Warlord CCG Pdf as well as my L5R buy List are often updated, round 1 or 2 times each month.
* If you send me a big list, thanks to wait from 3 to 10 days to answer you.
* I always keep your Sell List in case off during maximum 3 Month, so it is always possible that I'll re-contact you in case off. You can send me from time to time a update file of course.
I usually deal with the same friendly guys, if you own Dropbox, you can also download my Warlord CCG / L5R Public free files for you, download it after in your Dropbox managing system, manage it there, give me an access to it so ...
When I need stuff ... I have a direct access to it, I can check your stock on it and ... contact you if I need some cards.

This is a faster and excellent thing to have some regular deals together !
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