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Warlord CCG Light and Shadow
Release date : September 10, 2007. Number of Cards : 120. Date of the cards : 2007. Sold As : Boosters Box (24 Boosters), Battle Pack Box ((16 Battle Pack) Each Battle Pack contains 25 cards). AEG product. Light and Shadow was the 17th Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Plane of secrets).
Bugs : Epic Tournament format.
The Plane of Secrets expansion contains as Plane of Secrets, Temple of Lore and Epic Edition base set Accented Foil cards process printing.

Note that 4 rare cards are special foil ones : Bran Segula, Firral, Rouse and Inner Light. Thoses cards own some "subliminal" other foil pic in the background not present in the normal version.

Note also that each (not sure at 100%) common and uncommon cards exist also as foil cards. Only available in the Light and Shadow Battle Pack. 1 Foil card per box.
Light and Shadow were the smallest and the latest expansion that was produced by AEG.

A new expansion was expected after the release of Light and Shadow, called "The New Accord". Even if some cards were already send to playtester and the release was planify for 2008, AEG stopped the production of the game.

Even if some informations has been given as for example to explore the Rafkin Character mecanics in Dominance and to increase it in New Accord as Double Faction character cards. AEG doesn'tb has produce it so Phoenix Interactive have explore it finally in his latest 4E expansions.

Warlord CCG Light and Shadow Booster Box Warlord CCG Light and Shadow Booster Warlord CCG Light and Shadow Battle Pack Warlord CCG Light and Shadow Battle Pack Box
Explanations texts to follow soon
Playing and Plundering Dungeons (Rules) :
As an order, you may play a Dungeon card from your hand. You may not play a Dungeon if one is already in play. Dungeon cards take up no space in the rank and file system, and should be placed to the side.
As an Order, you can spend ready characters in your army with combined levels equal to or greater than the challenge rating of the Dungeon in play. If you do, you defeat that Dungeon, and the Dungeon is removed from the Game.
FAQ and Erratas for the Dungeons in the LS Expansion :
Isle of Madness : Players resolve the Nightfall effect in the order of the previous turn's Initiative. If a player controls an Opal Gargoyle, they may choose whether to resolve the Dungeon's or the Gargoyle's ''after draw step'' effect first.
Isle of Sorrow : Each player must reveal the character that they drew (per the rulebook on search effects). The Daybreak effect is both draw and retrieval from the deck, but it is not an action.
Isle of Secrets : If a player only has one card in hand when the Daybreak effect is triggered, they discard that card. If a player only has one card remaining in their deck when the Nightfall effect is triggered, they draw that card.
Light and Shadow Card List :
1) Acolyte Chaston 2) Aellano Sessaran 3) Aithon 4) Alynna the Fervent 5) Ar'bruz 6) Ar'tol 7) Aridun of the Stone 8) Armor of Devotion 9) Arve Yscar 10) Balios 11) Baxod Firedancer 12) Beastmaster Eladric 13) Belinda 14) Berlian the Stout 15) Bishop Ambros 16) Bran Segula 17) Brilliant Bound 18) Calamity's Steel 19) Carg'rag 20) Cheadlon 21) Clandestine Crest 22) Clarion 23) Close Combat 24) Crown of the Isles 25) Curse of Broken Spire 26) Dame Olivia 27) Danielle 28) Danres 29) Dazzling Aptitude 30) DerRist 31) Destruction 32) Dorril 33) Edonal Rowan 34) Egrart 35) Embrace Death 36) Entangle 37) Evoke Crisis 38) Faceless 39) Fascinate 40) Feral Yscarite 41) FirRal 42) Flaming Spirit 43) Fleshstone Gargoyle 44) Frozen Servant 45) Ga'dok 46) Gladys Tynron 47) Gossamer Mantle 48) Haden Rhys 49) Halcyon 50) Hex Starsmore 51) Icesecret Gargoyle 52) Idrol 53) Inner Light 54) Isle of Fire 55) Isle of Ice 56) Isle of Madness 57) Isle of Secrets 58) Isle of Sorrow 59) Isle of Wind 60) Kalten the Bleak 61) Kara Wadreth 62) Ker'zath 63) Kevrosh Dathar 64) Krasin 65) Lambaste 66) Lessari 67) Lightspawn 68) Lord Tuathal 69) Loren 70) Luminous Cure 71) Madnessfire Gargoyle 72) Madriga 73) Mercy's Edge 74) Nadir 75) Nadlon Dathar 76) Naro Yscar 77) Nemtok 78) Neutralize 79) Nildrach 80) Nostrum's Whisper 81) Phantasmal Panther 82) Pravian 83) Prioress Sophique 84) Quest 85) Rattle the Bones 86) Refuse to Yield 87) Robert Mason 88) Rouse 89) Ruby Staff of Selection 90) Sadina Gleson 91) Scetis 92) Serolia Calix 93) Shadan Alder 94) Shadowlurkers 95) Sidor the Avenged 96) Sir Francis DeGraves 97) Sir Kolden Aedroud 98) Skrim Spindlespleen 99) Spectre of Madness 100) Spiteful 101) Stockpile 102) Subvert 103) Sustaining Aura 104) Symbol of Unity 105) Temper 106) Terbero 107) The Bastion of Bascaron 108) The Cohorts' Ark 109) Theodore d'Ilchant 110) Thrust 111) Turgan 112) Twisted Shade 113) Valdania Calix 114) Vauxgen 115) Vermin Swarm 116) Ways of War 117) Wheels within Wheels 118) Yscarite Sentry 119) Zenith 120) Zevil Adinerach.
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