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Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers
Release date : July 15, 2002. Number of Cards : 154. Date of Cards : 2002. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Nest of Vipers is the fourth Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after The Black Knives Reprint Edition).
Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Boosters Box Feats Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Booster
After the commercial success of the Black Knives Reprint Editions (aka reprint of Warlord Saga of the Storm first base set, Assassin's Strike (First expansion), and Good and Evil (second expansion)) and Tooth and Claw (Perhaps too strong with there '' planar '' traits, Nest Of Vipers must be a success for AEG. So the game must expanded itself his possbilities, that's why the Multiclass theme were launch. With this expansion, a Character could be now from various muticlass, same thing for some card items and actions of course. With the Multiclass cards, a nex terms has appear : Feats (Feats are special skills the character is trained in (Stealth for example). Thoses Feats are mostly described in the rulebook joint with the Starter deck.
Here are some more informations about the term '' Feats '' that we can find in the Nest of Vipers Rulebook :
Feats are ability that give characters special skill-based actions they can perform. When a Feat is activated, the character makes a Skill check with a D20, adding to the roll his or her skill and any bonus they may have. For instance, a character with Riposte +5 and a Skill of 3 would add 8 to the roll, needing a 12 to be successful.
The Differents Feats are :
* Charisma - React: Once per turn, after another character you control within one rank makes a die roll: Succeed with a Charisma check (DC 20) to force the character to re-roll the die roll.
* Defend - React: Once per turn, after an adjacent character you control is targeted with a strike or action: Succeed with a Defend check (DC 20) to redirect the strike or action to this character.
* Magic Resistance - React: Once per turn, after this character is targeted with a spell: Succeed with a Magic Resistance check (DC 20) to cancel the spell.
* Marksmanship - React: Once per turn, before this character targets a non-spell ranged strike: Succeed with a Marksmanship check (DC 20) to either allow the strike to target an additional rank away, or gain +5 to the die roll, or have the strike inflict an additional wound.
* Medecine - Order: Once per turn, target a wounded character in this rank: Succeed with a Medicine check (DC 20) to remove one wound from the target.
* Powerattack - React: Once per turn, before this character makes a melee strike roll: Succeed with a Powerattack check (DC 20) to have the strike inflict an additional wound.
* Riding - Order: Once per turn, target a spent or stunned Steed equipped to this character: Succeed with a Riding check (DC 20) to ready the target.
* Riposte - React: Once per turn, after target character performs a melee strike against this character: Succeed with a Riposte check (DC 20) to perform a melee strike against the target. (This strike may not be redirected.)
* Sribe - Order:Once per turn, reveal a spell in your hand that this character may cast when ready: Succeed with a Scribe check (DC 20) to attach the spell to this character. This character may later detach the spell to cast it. If the Scribe check fails, discard the spell.
* Stealth - 2 abilities; 1. Order: Once per turn: If this character is ready in the front rank of your formation, succeed with a Stealth check (DC 20) to spend and move him into the front rank of another formation. 2. React: After this character is targeted with a strike: Succeed with a Stealth check (DC 20) to cancel the strike. This action may be performed a number of times per turn equal to the characters level while in another formation plus once per turn while in your formation.
A you can see, Nest of Vipers has introduce some new dimensions in the game and has expend his possibilities. Some new combos with the old cards and some new open doors for the next futures expansion of the game. That was the success of this set.
Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Constructed Deck Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Ichaerus Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Rraag'nar
To bring this success for the players, four themes decks (Starters) were available too with there usual fixed cards. You can check them in our
Warlord CCG Nest of Vipers Advertising Publicity
Nest of Vipers Advertising Release Publicity.
Nest of Vipers Card List :
1) Achirenus 2) Advanced Planning 3) Aid the Faithful 4) Amulet of Presence 5) Angel's Tears 6) Angelique 7) Annales Deverenium 8) Aradiel 9) Ashreign 10) Avatar of Faith 11) Avatar of Poison 12) Avatar of Power 13) Axoron 14) Babbling Mouther 15) Barhon Ironblade 16) Battering Skull 17) Battle Bear 18) Battlefield Promotion 19) Begone 20) Beheading 21) Black Banner 22) Black Steel Dagger 23) Blind Vengeance 24) Bloodoak Staff 25) Blue Jasper Gargoyle 26) Bone Golem 27) Bone Hound 28) Boots of Strudubg 29) Bow of Farsight 30) Bradley 31) Brindle's Brew Potion 32) Cahic 33) Cassandra the Arcane 34) Cestrel the Shaper 35) Christopher Arcadis 36) Cockatrice 37) Confusion 38) Crypt Wine 39) Curse of Heartless Lies 40) Danae 41) Dance of Bones 42) Deadly Focus 43) Death Is But a Door 44) Douglas Hammerfall 45) Edos the Executioner 46) Elven Patience 47) Evasion 48) Exotic Training 49) Feeble Mind 50) Footman's Pike 51) Forewarning 52) Full Gallop 53) Garth Drac 54) Gaze of the Infinite 55) Giehox Nemesis 56) Glimmer 57) Gloves of Archery 58) Gloves of Mischief 59) Grimoire 60) Hand of Fate 61) Hand of the Queen 62) Haste 63) Havat-lahn Spear 64) Heavy Blow 65) Helm of Corruption 66) Hember's Hammer 67) Homunculus 68) Horn of Battle 69) Ichaerus 70) Just a Flesh Wound 71) Kane the Hunter 72) Kang'xi 73) Keeper 74) Kharma 75) Kharmic Wheel 76) Khrutyk Steed 77) Kiss of Lethe 78) Kor's Forge 79) Krait 80) Kumbani Apolo 81) Labyrinth 82) Lady Peregrine 83) Leg Sweep 84) Lrent 85) Maeve ni Duhonn 86) Magellan 87) Master Halvedar 88) Medical Kit 89) Memory 90) Minister the Wounds 91) Moving Up the Ladder 92) Mud Slick 93) Naked as a Babe 94) Naomi of Sarakia 95) Nehris Yscar 96) Never Turn Your Back 97) Nothrog S'sike 98) Oathbound 99) Owen Haadh 100) Phython 101) Pit Trap 102) Pledged Oath 103) Primal Fear 104) Prisoner 105) Quick and Deadly 106) Rabinus Zon 107) Ring of Spiritwrack 108) Rocetmal 109) Rod of Shattering 110) Rod of Smiting 111) Rraag'nar 112) Rraven'a 113) Ruth Gwenelen 114) Seize the Day 115) Shadow Token 116) ShiLara 117) Signon's Cloak 118) Sir Alain d'Ilchant 119) Slate Gargoyle 120) Song of Blood 121) Song of Bravado 122) Sorceress Ygraine 123) Sorcerous Epiphany 124) Spectral Touch 125) Steel Darts 126) Steel Maul 127) Steel to Serpent 128) Summon Weapon 129) Tareshinal 130) Taumar the Protector 131) Terror of Condor Pass 132) The Will of Neus 133) Thief's Kit 134) Titan 135) Tortured Spawn 136) Tower of the Steel Rose 137) Trip 138) Uthanak's Ring 139) Uthas Battleheim 140) Valhala Abyssbane 141) Valhala's Shout 142) Vereshja 143) Vhakadron 144) Vicious Block 145) Viscount Nocens 146) Wall 147) Wards of Peril 148) Weapon Grab 149) Wild Attack 150) Wizard's Duel 151) Wretched Horde 152) Wyvernsteed 153) Yscar's Mark 154) Zoltan.
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