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Release date : April 9, 2001. Number of Cards : 295. Date of Cards : 2001. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Note that there's no Foil cards for this first Edition.

Notes :

First Set printed. Those cards exist also in a Battle Box for two players contained two 50 card decks (A Free Kingdoms legions decks and a Nothrog legions Deck), two 20d, a playmat, rulebook and a storybook. In 2003 AEG reprint this Box with 5 more promo cards. Those 2 Box included two unique cards : Swords of the North and Sword of Chaos. The First cards of Warlord were produced as four demo preview decks. Those cards were a kind of prototype in appearance; hits points were shown as one blood drop icon for each hit point, skill was not shown and some others specific differences.
Demo Cards 2001.

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Release date : March 29, 2004. Number of Cards : 580. Date of Cards : 2004. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product.
Warlord CCG Campaign Edition Warlord CCG Campaign Edition Booster Box
Release date : March 29, 2004. Number of Cards : 580. Date of Cards : 2004. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product.
Warlord CCG Campaign Booster Warlord CCG Lord of Baraxton Warlord CCG Campaign Edition Constructed Deck
Notes :
The Campaign Edition is the second base set printed and cover an essence of cards issued from the 10 previous expansions of Warlord. Hugh Basic Set with 580 different cards. 18 cards are totally new in this basic set, mainly present as fixed cards in the Theme decks. Rules have been updated and a lot of erratas has been corrected.
The 18 Unique cards are : A time of naming, The coming storm, To seek a king, The high queens revenge, The Bascaron war, Lord of Baraxton, Drac's banner, Kor's banner, Calix's banner, Alliance standard, Kerebrus' standard, Krun's standard, Jaqueline Windson, Faiza Nyota, Ghed Mnettaor, Nitesh Imaran, Norn, Rustiq Umbala. Theme decks site
To promote the new base set, AEG released a special box called '' Box of Greed '' containing rare cards issued from the CE Edition and some from other Previously one. When a customer bought a booster pack, they were entitled to pull a rare from it, each booster containing one rare card it was the opportunity to owns two rare cards in place off one.
The Campaign Edition owns a lot of Alternate Art picture card also reversed pictures too.
Warlord CCG Epic Edition Booster Box
Release date : August 21, 2006. Number of Cards : 369. Date of Cards : 2006. Sold As : Battle Packs (25 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (24 Boosters). AEG product.
Warlord CCG Epic Edition Booster Warlord CCG The Bloody Countess
Notes :
Third and latest basic set produced by AEG. New Essence from the Past Expansions and new tournament format. The Epic One. Rules has been updated, and six brand new Warlords for this Edition. The Battle Pack has replace the usual Pre-constructed Deck, more easy for a kind of Boosters draft game. Those one included 11 fixed cards and 14 random cards. Fixed will means that a card guaranteed to be in a certain package. You'll found in those Battle pack some Warlord Character who's fixed. The Battle pack has been produced for the Epic Edition, Plane of Secrets, Temple of Lore and finally the latest expansion produced by AEG, Light and Shadow. Phoenix Interactive will change those Battle Pack System into Adventures Paths for the 4th Edition.
Before the release of Epic Edition, the Battle Box called "Call to Arms" was available as a kind of Pre-release product as Epic environment. If you want to find more informations and details about this special Box Decks, follow this
We can notify also that the Epic Edition owns Foil cards called Accented Foil (The Art owns a Foil printing too). Before they was not this type of entire foil process applicated to the foil cards. The following editions after Epic owns that kind of foil card aspect too.
EPIC Promo cards FAQ :

-Annals of Triumph: /
-Athanaes Falls: /
May not target a Dragon Lord or Medusan Lord during challenge matches as they are the Warlord for that game.
-Death By Poison:
The wound that an Assassin inflicts is part of this action, and not part of the melee strike.
-Death or Glory:
Is triggered and performed before the turn ends, even if the pass will end the turn.
-Death’s Call:
May target a stunned character.
Reacts played in response to a character dying from his order can be canceled by Veiled Passing.
May not start in play adjacent to a Dragon Lord if that would create an illegal rank.
-Epic Mantle:
Works with effects that change the character’s Base Stats (such as Destroyer’s Armor).
-Etal Freste:/
Wounds reduced by Soothing Aura will trigger Evade’s react when the wounding effect is targeting Evade.
-Eye of the Storm:
In the case of the opposing Warlord failing the save and dying from the wounds inflicted, you would win the game before resolving your own Warlord’s death.
-Forged in Battle:
Will be discarded by Forgotten as it is attached to the character.
-Invader’s Banner:
Move each character separately and correct illegal ranks as they occur, before moving the next character.
-Hammer of Stone:
The cards are placed back on top of the owner’s deck if they are not discarded, do not shuffle afterwards.
-Limited Wish:
When this card is ripped, no card effect in the game can discard, cancel, or otherwise prevent you from obtaining the retrieved card.
-Olivark the Quiet:
Gains the trait of the selected faction, and targets himself when performing his react.
Either react can be canceled by another Olivark (or similar effect).
-Raging Cyclops:
His granted react will be triggered by the targeted character falling forward.
-Sarakian Ettin:/
-Strike with Impunity:/
-Troll's Warren:
The Seer spent must be one that you control.
No matter how (Off the Beaten Path,Kevrosh Dathar) Troll’s Warren enters play, a Seer must be spent as part of the action.
-Urisk the Ugly:
His react may target any character in play including himself.
-War Spikes:
A numeral is a number printed on a card, denoted by 1,2,3…18, 19, 20 etc. When a numeral is raised or lowered, it modifies the entire number, not each digit separately (i.e. 1 becomes 2, 19 becomes 18, etc). When modifying numerals, ignore any + or – signs, they are not part of the numeral, but are modifiers of the numeral. A numeral is not a ‘number in word form’, such as one, two, etc.
-Donnar of Clan Hel:/
-Hel’s Handmaiden:/
-Hel’s Rune:
The additional wound is part of the melee strike and is not an additional instance of wounding.
Is not affected by Forgotten as it is attached to the Weapon and not the character.
-Ice Scale:
Characters that are stunned by the react continue their action (attack, Gahid’s Stand) to completion.
Warlord CCG Epic Edition Battle Pack Warlord CCG Epic Edition Battle Pack Box
For the Battle Box II FAQ, the Nodwick Set FAQ and the Warlord Holiday Gift package 2007 (EPIC Format as well) see also their respective section for their FAQ.
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