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Warlord CCG Temple of Lore
Release date : October 30, 2006. Number of Cards : 162. Date of the cards : 2006. Sold As : Boosters Box (24 Boosters), Battle Pack Box ((16 Battle Pack) Each Battle Pack contains 25 cards). AEG product. Temple of Lore was the sixteenth Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after the Epic Edition Base set).
No more theme decks, the latest produced were made for the Epic Edition.
Bugs : Epic Tournament format.
The Temple of Lore expansion contains Accented Foil cards process printing that has started with the Epic Edition base set.
Warlord CCG Temple of Lore Boosters Box Warlord CCG Temple of Lore Battle Pack Warlord CCG Temple of Lore Battle Pack Box
The Temple of Lore expansion introduce a new type of card, called Dungeon. These cards represent locations which have a global effect/enchantment on the game. They are put into play as an order by any player.
Any player can defeat a Dungeon by spending a number of character levels equal to or greater than the challenge rating of the dungeon. Dungeons owns a challenge ratings from Level 4 to Level 10. See more bellow FAQ and Rules.
Explanations texts to follow soon.
Playing and Plundering Dungeons (Rules) :
As an order, you may play a Dungeon card from your hand. You may not play a Dungeon if one is already in play. Dungeon cards take up no space in the rank and file system, and should be placed to the side.
As an Order, you can spend ready characters in your army with combined levels equal to or greater than the challenge rating of the Dungeon in play. If you do, you defeat that Dungeon, and the Dungeon is removed from the Game.
FAQ and Erratas for the Dungeons in the ToL Expansion :
* Baraxtons Graveyard: The ability is granted after any initiative roll, and persists even if BG is defeated or blanked. Thus, multiple uses of the Order may be granted - each one usable once per turn.
* BlackIron Mine: If either warlord cannot fall forward one of their characters (due to them all being in rank one, or otherwise) then the Black Iron Mine is Removed from Game.
* BlackIron Mine: If either warlord cannot fall forward one of their characters (due to them all being in rank one, or otherwise) then the Black Iron Mine is Removed from Game.
* Damothiens Dungeon: If a character gains the Astral trait while this dungeon is in play, the other effects immediately stop effecting it.
* Longtusk's Arena: The easy to target effect of Longtusks Arena is ''always on'', but ends if the Arena leaves play.
* Shifting Sand: The spending effect will happen after any Reacts to passing are played.
* Syneri Complex: Doesnt matter the method of readying. If Lodestone Gargoyle uses its react during the ready phase, that counts as one of the 3 characters you may ready.
* The Shattered Spire: This is a static effect, and is checked as soon as possible when you have the chance. That is, if a characters level changes mid strike, or mid action, the statistic penalty from Shattered Spire also immediately changes.
Temple of Lore Card List :
1) Adina 2) Aislynn 3) Alchemy Kit 4) Andeel Smrti 5) Apprentice Trist 6) Aquiela 7) Arbalest 8) Aroch Knights 9) Aswadsem 10) Athanae's Heritage 11) Baraxton's Graveyard 12) Barnas 13) Baron Bastein 14) Beads of Iman 15) Bell 16) Benedictus Armor 17) Biana the Mystical 18) Blackiron Mine 19) Blackthorne's Quarters 20) Blessing of Swiftness 21) Book 22) Bow of Shadows 23) Brother Ansel 24) Call Verdatha 25) Calliope 26) Candle 27) Cartwright Trinket 28) Cayden 29) Celestial Plate 30) Colter Arden 31) Compassion 32) Constable Juris 33) Consume from Within 34) Corrupted Cultist 35) Cowl of Dulon 36) Crystalline Gargoyle 37) Damothien's Dungeon 38) Dedication 39) Deima's Focus 40) Denali Sagebound 41) Destroyer's Armor 42) Deverenus' Honor 43) Disabling Unit 44) Diversion 45) Donatien 46) Drawing Stones 47) Dulon Shade 48) Duri Earthwalker 49) Edwann Ruthard 50) Elude 51) Facing Down a Mob 52) Fast as the Wind 53) Favor of the Totem 54) Fine Hilted Saber 55) Flame of Dulon 56) Frost Shock 57) Fundisi Amulet 58) Gaban 59) Gaudy Hat 60) God's Eye Helm 61) Godly Protection 62) Golden Warhammer 63) Goth'ak 64) Grantuk Rageblade 65) Grim Teller 66) Gunda 67) Hammer of the Tribes 68) Hazium 69) Inquisitor Tamas 70) Ishiver Darkwell 71) Jeffrey 72) Jinkini 73) Kaballite Ring 74) Kaballite Staff 75) KabShiran 76) Kaimi Fateseeker 77) Karena Brightkindle 78) Kenrick 79) Kermenes the Spry 80) Kester 81) Khadraiq 82) Kigyo Tanar's Prey 83) Kinnell 84) Korin Blackstone 85) Kovit Treeraiser 86) Laith 87) Lava Gargoyle 88) Lelgha 89) Lenox 90) Lilika Zane 91) Longtusk's Arena 92) Lukkot Buzzsaw 93) Madman's Blade 94) Magnite Gargoyle 95) Maker's Gloves 96) Malcolm Aedroud 97) Master Eyrk 98) Meditation 99) Mentorship 100) Mistress Brigette 101) Neus' Armor 102) Nevan Mendlight 103) Noelani 104) Novice Minown 105) Oliver Zane 106) Oren 107) Parak Soulsaver 108) Peace 109) Pentel Yscar 110) Perseverance 111) Phantasmal Killer 112) Pilferer's Gloves 113) Plot Hook 114) Pogris 115) Polished Plate 116) Red Prisken 117) Rejuvenate 118) Ritual Amulet 119) Robe of the Planes 120) Rod of Lore 121) Samuel 122) SanUris 123) Saran 124) Sebes 125) Seneval 126) Serket 127) Shadow Blade 128) Shadow Cloak 129) Shadowstone Gargoyle 130) Shambling Flesh 131) Shield of Dulon 132) Shifting Sands 133) Sir Lucian 134) Sir Searlus 135) Sir Willems 136) Sleipnir 137) Squire Dashiell 138) Staff of Kizazi 139) Steel Dragon Insignia 140) Strak 141) Strengthen 142) Stygian Wraith 143) Summon Lesser Fiend 144) Sword Chucks 145) Syneri's Complex 146) Tail Swipe 147) Takson the Intricate 148) Tanfess-sh 149) Tavon 150) Taya Cooper 151) The Nemesis 152) The Shattered Spire 153) Threaten 154) To the Pain 155) Toughness 156) Troas 157) Tunneling Crew 158) Vilina Steadfast 159) Well Laid Trap 160) Xantin 161) Xiathe 162) Xienar.
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