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Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw
Release date : January 28, 2002. Number of Cards : 162. Date of Cards : 2002. Sold As : Starters (50 cards), Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Tooth and Claw is in fact the third Warlord CCG Expansion.
Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw Boosters Box Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw Booster
Next expansion after Good and Evil, Tooth and Claw was based mainly on some Monsters troups. Some Monsters for your army or of course and some items or actions cards against them. Some new characters traits were intoduced in this expansion as the Astral and Ethereal. Since the 4E by PI thoses specific traits were replaced by the terms "Planar" for them both.
The small rules book that you can find in the Starter deck explains those terms like that:
''The positive and negative energies surrounding characters from the Astral and Ethereal planes of existence make striking them in combat an extremely difficult proposition. When targeting an Ethereal character with a melee strike or ranged strike, an odd die roll (before any bonuses or adjustments to the die) is a miss, even if the attack total is equal or higher than the targets AC (ARMOR CLASS). Similarly, when targeting an Astral character with a melee strike or ranged strike, an even die roll is a miss (including a 20), but in addition a natural roll of 19 is automatically a hit (like a roll of 20 against a non-Astral character). Strikes created by spells ignore these rules and hit characters normally. If a character ever has both the Astral and Ethereal traits simultaneously, the opposing energies kill the character instantly '' '' .
Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw Woundwraith
This characteristic is often explain on the right of the Trait with the following words : 'even strikes miss ' as you can see in our '' Woundwraith '' creature card example here on the left.
Those new kinds of Monsters were also introduces in the 4 differents Theme Decks of Tooth and Claw. As always some cards can only be found in thoses ones (Fixed cards). Some examples just down with ''Modred of Carcius'' and the ''Markappal Basilysk''.
Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw Markappal Basilysk Warlord CCG Tooth and Claw Modred of Carsius
For more informations, you can visit also our
Note that : The Tooth and Claw Expansion introduces the First Gauntlet items as equip location. Those ones provides most of the time a ATK or AC bonus and/or some special additional abilities.
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