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Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest Foil 10AORS 10th Anniversary Deck
This product from Phoenix Interactive GmBh for Warlord CCG Saga of the Storm 4th Edition is ''The Treasure Chest'' Deck. It contains 55 all-foil cards, 15 of which are totally ''new'' (Never print as a Foil card). The others are a best-of of both the most powerful and the most played cards of all factions and character classes. Note that, for the first ''almost'' the first time (See Light and Shadow explanation) common and uncommon cards appear in a Foil version.
Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the 4th Edition Treasure Chest Foil 10AORS 10th Anniversary Deck PREMIUM
After proving we in fact are able to revitalize the Warlord CCG in a more player-friendly non-random environment with the successful expansions Shattered Empires and the recent Crimson Coast, we felt we need to let the players and our great design and playtesting teams catch their breath a bit, confides PHOENIX Interactive president Arne Reuter. Treasure Chest is a great set for serious players and collectors, making staple cards like Incinerate, Judge Aeacus or Pagophoros available in an all new shiny form.
Warlord: Treasure Chest was released on August 31st, 2009.
Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest Axe of Fury Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest Massacre Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest  Minor Miracle Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest Conjure Storm Warlord CCG 4th Edition Treasure Chest  Okull the Defiant
Treasure Chest Card List :
Genecourt Initiate / Okull the Defiant (NEW) / The Beast Knight / Profit / Sky / Surge (NEW) / Amatria Tansiq / Remorna / Tyyphera (NEW) / Barrett Yscar / Han of the Ferry (NEW) / Stanley / Ballista Crew / Gunda / Mo'can (NEW) / Master Naxagoras / Oloidynatos (NEW) / Pagophoros / The Seed / Azam / Brine Fiend / Judge Aeacus (Originaly Promo Non Foil) / Ka-Nissus (NEW) / Aegis / Kors Patience / Minor Miracle (NEW) / Revigorate / Massacre (NEW) / Once Again / Outmatched / Sudden Reversal / Backstab / Slash and Lunge (NEW) / The Slightest Cut / Zainas Treachery / Conjure Storm (NEW) / Disintegrate / Icy Surge / Incinerate / Blind Vengeance / Meet at the Inn / Thwarted / Healing Potion / Hods Legacy / Ring of the Savant (NEW) / Axe of Fury (NEW) / Celestial Flame / Griffon of Misear / Blacksand Trap / Cloudracer / Nightmare Blade (NEW) / Chime of the Aerie (NEW) / Ring of Vorn / Shroud of Lost Souls / Camel.
Treasure Chest Card Erratas :
* The card ''Ring of the Savant'' owns the following Order Text : Order: Once per turn: Choose a cleric spell in your discard pile and succeed with a Scribe check (DC 22) to retrieve and attach the spell as if scribed.
The new Errata Order text is : ''Order: Once per turn: Choose a cleric spell in your discard pile and succeed with a Scribe check (DC 22) to retrieve and attach the spell as if scribed, OTHERWISE REMOVE IT FROM THE GAME''
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Warlord CCG 4th Edition 10AORS 10th Anniversary Deck
10TH Anniversary Open Reprint Set :
warlord ccg warlord saga of the storm 10aors 10 AORS 10th Anniversary deck 4E
Since the birth of Warlord CCG game in April 2001 and due to the growing rarity for some open cards in old and ancient format tournaments, a high needed for some of them has birth slowly. Since January 2011, the idea was launch to reprint some of them to put some salt and pepper in the game as you have perhaps seen it during some month on the ToL forum. After some discussions a fixed card list was fixed by the players. It follows finally a little bit the Call to Arms expension created by the players but in this case the choice was based to choose wich card must be re-printed.
So this set contains 110 cards (2 decks) that represent the best and most eagerly sought cards in the 10-year-history of Warlord: Saga of the Storm.
The Set has been compiled by an initiative of hardcore fans and is only going to be printed once a preset number of 150 pre-orders has been recorded. Mid april 2011, the total of pre-orders was 129 in place off the 150 expected. But finaly, it was decide anyway that the set will be printed in August 2011 for a limited quantities.
Pre-order price was fixed at USD 34.99. No special Packaging for this product. PrEsentation like "Stolen Destiny" D2P online in the AEG times.
10th Anniversary Open Reprint Set Card List :
Characters :
Deverenian : Halo of Secrets, Ramah the Cruel, Davaenus, Ghed Morak, Ghed Vengir.
Dwarf : Drea Nexus, Door to the World, Supply, Strength, Black Sand Gargoyle.
Elves : Cordeos, Daedelia, Iquitos (*), Bis, Magheline, Kelemmen, Quadlibet.
Free Kingdoms : Sir Thomas of Celinar, Rafkin, Baqbou Umbala, Rr'gent.
Nothrog : Orazhuk, VoTaurr Plains, Sethusk.
Mercenary : Jackals of Mourn, Toren Yscar, Supremus (*), Halo of Fire, Ghost Bog, The Temple of Lore, Grihilga (*), Blood Worm (*), War Wagon (*), Mephit (*), Devourer, Ravenwild (*), Johan Halfblood, Death Fog.
Actions :
Classless: Pull the Strings, Winter Warfare (*), Shattering Blow, Paying the Price, Rapid Shot, Infinity's End, Rescue (*), By Your Word (*), Back Alley Tavern, Trade Routes, Exhaustion, Suicidal Charge, Precision.
Cleric: Mass Blessing, Blood Beneath Your Wings, Premonition, Treewalk, Seize Life, Wheel of Fate, Forewarning.
Fighter: No Prisoners, Hammer Toss, Contest Thy Title, Into the Tunnels, Hero's Gambit (*), Find A Way.
Rogue: Assassination, Assassin's Arrow, A Quick Death, Passing the Knives, Inheritance, Boomerang.
Wizard: Severed of Flesh, Medusan Lord's Gambit, Extensions, Phantasm, Rise, and Obey!, Wheel of Death, Fell Blow , Time Stop.
Items :
Classless: Red Wyrm's Egg (*), Monkey's Paws, Blue Wyrm's Egg (*), Black Moss, Bracers of Ogre Power, Unseen Arrow (*), Potion of Blurring, Deck of Many Things (*), Whirlwind Boots, Vorpal Blade, Bodyguard, Bracers of Archery, Recruiter's Orders.
Cleric: Staff of Kizazi, Signon's Armor, Litany of the Dead, Sjonegaard's Mace.
Fighter: Tome of Champions, Sir Tython's Shield, Darkhide Armor, Death's Bargain (*), Giant Strength Potion.
Rogue: Yedraw's Tooth, Martyr's Hide, Portable Hole, Farglass, Jelial's Bracers, Tome of Shadows.
Wizard: Helm of Undying, Glyph of Fate, Wand of Negation, Staff of Secrets.
* Card has been originaly released only as promo.
Notes :

- The following cards Kargaz Dythanus, Fir'ral, Mentorship, Threaten,
Nodwick and Terrorshard that was expected to be in the set were replaced with Black Sand Gargoyle, Rr'gent, Forewarning, Time stop, Recruiter's Orders, Sjongaard's Mace and Qualibet.
- Each cards owns a Rare symbol even if the original edition it was a uncommon or common cards. Flavours texts are also not present on them.

- The card "Rafkin" was the first two factions card (2 differents version in the Dom original expansion), the new version has been re-worked with the new layout including one one car the two color faction.
Warlord Saga of the Storm warlord ccg 4E Rafkin 10th anniversary Deck 10AORS Warlord Saga of the Storm warlord ccg 4E Rafkin 10th anniversary Deck 10AORS Warlord Saga of the Storm
Funny details (Misprint ?) :

• The card "No Prisoners" doesn't own a exclamation mark like the previous version..
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