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Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory
Release date : February 24, 2003. Number of Cards : 300 (Numbered card collection : 1 to 150 for the Power Box and Numbered 151 to 300 for the Glory Box), Date of Cards : 2003. Sold As : Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Call to Arms was the sixth Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Siege Chronogicaly).
Due to the numbers of cards, it was also very difficult to produce some starters (Theme decks) so you'll not find some of them for this expansion.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power Booster Box Warlord CCG Call to Arms Glory Booster Box
Due to the numbers of cards of the Set it was decided to split the Set in two differents Boosters Box as you can see it just above. The Call to Arms ''Power' Boosters box contains mainly some new necromantics and illusions spells for... your Wizards of course, it contains also some new weapons for your Rogues characters. The Call to Arms ''Glory'' Boosters Box contains on his side some new weapons and fighting technics cards for your Fighters characters, and some cards for your Clerics. The Classless characters type cards were present for them in the two boxes.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power Booster Warlord CCG Call to Arms Glory Booster Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory Darkfeast Harpy
Why AEG has produced so two differents box ?
After the big success of the Nest of Vipers and Siege Expansion, AEG woulded to be sure to take ''the good road'', so the idea was to offer to the players the opportunity to create the expansion themselves. Great and Nice idea ! So AEG has opened a massive submissions cards to the players for the release of this set.
A lot of cards ideas was submitted and after some months of patience, 300 cards was selected and kepted. Some others cards were printed later for some next expansion (That's why you can find sometimes the presence of the creator name also for them on the same card place). So every card printed in Call to Arms owns the name of the person who submitted the card idea. This is notify usually on the left side of the card. The illustrator's name of course, always on the right side above the ''bug'' symbol.
As you can see with the ''Darkfeast Harpy'' example, the idea creator's name is Aaron Minnura (Red circle notifications) and the illustrator's name are notify on the right side of the cards; Thomas Manning.
There's not a fixed theme for the Call to Arms Power and Glory set, and not some new really mecanics or feats, but a lot of funny rules ideas created by the players... for the players. So, of course, it was a big success.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory Zartoch
Note That :
The card ''Zartoch'', a Mercenary Warlord in the set is the only uncommon Warlord of the game. This is due to his particularity rules : '' You may have up to 5 copies of Zartoch in your deck. React: After Zartoch is killed while he is your Warlord: Target another Zartoch in your army who becomes your Warlord instead. Order: Spend all Zartochs in your army: Search your deck for a Zartoch, and put him in your hand '' .
You can own 5 copies of Zartoch in your deck, so to make it a Rare card it was not appropriate in this case.
Note that : The Call to arms expansion introduces also the arrow equip location even if this terms was perhaps already present in previous expansions. The Arrow as equip location simulate their use in a characters that's owns some bow weapons. Those types of cards with this equip location provide of course some additional capacities.
Note that finally that the Card ''Catarina'' is a misprint one. This Card owns a Common symbol in place of his regular Rare Star symbol.
Catarina was printed as like Rare card quantities on Printing Sheet.
The Foil version was of course so in a kind of unkown existence due to his misprint rarety symbol.
Since June 2015, B.M. from GA has confirmed his existence.
This card is as surely as rare as a Medusan Lord card because in Many years just one worlwide confirm....
Call to Arms submitted page War Journal. Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the Storm Call to Arms Power and Glory Pub Advertising
Call to Arms Advertising Release Publicity.
War Journal : Submitted Page idea.
Call to Arms Card List :
1)A Fool and His Money 2)Ablung's Prism Cloak 3)Abyssal Plate 4)Acid Arrow 5)Adarymy 6)Adulation 7)Aggressive Attack 8)Aialla Truthlight 9)Alholland 10)Allessia 11)Amnesia 12)Ancient Beasts 13)Ancient Riddles 14)Anthem of Baraxton 15)Antlers of the Stag 16)Archmagus Staff 17)Arm Up 18)Armageddon 19)Armor of Blending 20)Armored Gauntlets 21)Arrag 22)Asimon 23)Assassin Training 24)Assassin's Arrow 25)Atu Amani 26)Axe of Tergoth 27)Azhraan the Foul 28)Balian's Helm 29)Bansidhe 30)Baqbou's Charm 31)Baraxton Wraiths 32)Bardic Knowledge 33)Baron Delvin 34)Basilisk Charger 35)Bear Mantle 36)Bindings 37)Black Sun Helm 38)Black Sun Knight 39)Blessed 40)Blessed Steel 41)Blessing of Kor 42)Blood Purge 43)Bloodied Spear 44)Bonebreaker 45)Boomerang 46)Boots of Silence 47)Bruu'kaal 48)Burn the Inn 49)Carock 50)Catarina 51)Celestial Flame 52)Clay Golem 53)Cleanse 54)Cloak of Deception 55)Clothuo 56)Conner Mac 57)Contal 58)Crippling Hex 59)Crisis of Faith 60)Crusher 61)Curse 62)Cut Supply Lines 63)Dac'Lar 64)Dancing Shield 65)Dark Bolt Axe 66)Dark Shade 67)Darkfeast Harpy 68)Darso the Mad 69)Davaenus 70)Death Knight's Mail 71)Decoy 72)Demonslayers 73)Deverenian Suit 74)Diamond Gargoyle 75)Dimension Door 76)Dimensional Anchor 77)Dimensional Binding 78)Dimensional Blade 79)Divine Mercy 80)Dodger 81)Dogs of Hate 82)Dor of Clan Manaka 83)Dragon's Aura 84)Dragon's Blade 85)Dragon's Blood 86)Dreamslayer 87)Dythanus' Slaves 88)Ebon Gauntlets 89)Eclipse 90)Edge of Immortality 91)Empowered Spell 92)Enkida 93)Enthrall 94)Erebus Stormchild 95)Essence Flow 96)Ettin 97)Excellent Aim 98)Excessus 99)Feint 100)Fell Blow 101)Final Blow 102)Fire Fiends 103)Fire Mount 104)Fire Trap 105)Fixed Dice 106)Fleshcutters 107)Freia 108)Frenzy 109)Full Helm 110)Gaol 111)Garn Hearthstone 112)Ghostblade 113)Graft 114)Gravel Spawn 115)Great Axe of Rage 116)Great Sword 117)Greater Regeneration 118)Gris Ironfist 119)Grudge 120)Guardian Daethor 121)Gunter 122)Gurlda 123)Hagroth the Foul 124)Hail Storm 125)Hand Crossbow 126)Heal Mount 127)Heat Poison 128)Helm of Death 129)Helm of Faith 130)Helm of Terror 131)Hex 132)High Tide 133)Hit the Ground Running 134)Hold Monster 135)Hold This Position 136)Holy Aura 137)Holy Might 138)Hyel 139)Iam Hotelen 140)Ice 141)Ilvion 142)Infiltration 143)Intimidating Rage 144)Jack Covit 145)Jolan Yew 146)Jules Wynnplane 147)Kermess-sh 148)Khalid al-Ashrad 149)Kobassi 150)Kothkah 151)Kresh 152)Krun's Strategies 153)Kun Davill 154)Kyalid 155)Kyrthelia 156)Lady Gracia Ghenis 157)Lady Jenia Aedroud 158)Last Breath 159)Laurena Kennet 160)Lead from the Front 161)Leap of the Clouds 162)Lenillion 163)Leopard Claws 164)Light Catapults 165)Light Crossbow 166)Lightstone Gargoyles 167)Logan's Longbow 168)Lord Rhimian 169)Low Tide 170)Loyalty to the Coin 171)Lust of Death 172)Lying in Wait 173)Maia Casey 174)Mak and Makob 175)Malfleur Drac 176)Marko the Cleft 177)Mass Heal 178)Master Gyere 179)Masterwork Blade 180)Meilliki 181)Menander Holworth 182)Might of Arms 183)Mind Control 184)Mindripper 185)Misearean Trader 186)Morningstar 187)Mount Up 188)Mourn 189)Na'Gra'Thok 190)Nareduk 191)Not This Time 192)Nothrog Legionnaire 193)One More Time 194)Open Fire 195)Open Ground 196)Or'reck 197)Pain Eater 198)Parrying Blades 199)Phantasm 200)Pike Wall 201)Poisoned Water 202)Port of Call 203)Power Bolt 204)Power Word Stun 205)Precision 206)Predatory Slime 207)Prepared Position 208)Quadlibet 209)Quick Draw 210)Rapier 211)Ravage 212)Reincarnation 213)Rejuvenation 214)Renedain the Crimson 215)Repulsion 216)Rhiveth Yao 217)Rhyene 218)Ricochet 219)Ring of Regeneration 220)Rockhide 221)Rown Yscar 222)Rr'tak 223)Rubble Gargoyle 224)Rune of Protection 225)Sarakian Madman 226)Scale 227)Scent of Blood 228)Scimitar of Fire 229)Screened Shot 230)Scymmeran 231)Shade Gremlin 232)Shade Mephit 233)Shield Wall Knight 234)Shore Up 235)Sigil of Bonding 236)Sir Clifford 237)Sir Erik Kaisen 238)Sir Serane Myerdeth 239)Slayer's Curse 240)Snakewyrm 241)Sniper Shot 242)Solid Blow 243)Sorrow 244)Sorscha's Cloak 245)Spotter 246)Spring Attack 247)Squire Parthus 248)St'rga 249)Staff of Calix 250)Staff of Light 251)Staff of Necromancy 252)Staff of the Wild 253)Steelcutters 254)Still Mind 255)Stone Skin 256)Strength 257)Stza Fasthand 258)Suicidal Charge 259)Superior Positioning 260)Tag Team 261)Take Me 262)Talise 263)Tallenis 264)Tara 265)Technomancy 266)Tender Mercies 267)The Motivator 268)The Power of Faith 269)The Revel of Bascaron 270)The Thrill of Victory 271)The Time to Act 272)Theodor Hyral 273)Thundercall Javelin 274)Timid Imp 275)Token of Thanks 276)Trade Routes 277)Trebuchet 278)Trick Riding 279)Tyrius 280)Unbroken Chain 281)Unprepared for Battle 282)Validan 283)Vandal's Dance 284)Vareth 285)Vigil 286)Vines that Bind 287)Viscount Jameth 288)Watcher 289)Weapon Finesse 290)Weapon Master 291)Wild Shape 292)Will O' Wisp 293)Winter's Chill 294)Wolf Companion 295)Woodsman's Bow 296)Word 297)Wraithstone Dagger 298)Zandara 299)Zartoch 300)Zoris.
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