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Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory
Release date : February 24, 2003. Number of Cards : 300 (Numbered card collection : 1 to 150 for the Power Box and Numbered 151 to 300 for the Glory Box), Date of Cards : 2003. Sold As : Boosters (11 cards), Boosters Box (48 Boosters). AEG product. Call to Arms was the sixth Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Siege Chronogicaly).
Due to the numbers of cards, it was also very difficult to produce some starters (Theme decks) so you'll not find some of them for this expansion.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power Booster Box Warlord CCG Call to Arms Glory Booster Box
Due to the numbers of cards of the Set it was decided to split the Set in two differents Boosters Box as you can see it just above. The Call to Arms ''Power' Boosters box contains mainly some new necromantics and illusions spells for... your Wizards of course, it contains also some new weapons for your Rogues characters. The Call to Arms ''Glory'' Boosters Box contains on his side some new weapons and fighting technics cards for your Fighters characters, and some cards for your Clerics. The Classless characters type cards were present for them in the two boxes.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power Booster Warlord CCG Call to Arms Glory Booster Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory Darkfeast Harpy
Why AEG has produced so two differents box ?
After the big success of the Nest of Vipers and Siege Expansion, AEG woulded to be sure to take ''the good road'', so the idea was to offer to the players the opportunity to create the expansion themselves. Great and Nice idea ! So AEG has opened a massive submissions cards to the players for the release of this set.
A lot of cards ideas was submitted and after some months of patience, 300 cards was selected and kepted. Some others cards were printed later for some next expansion (That's why you can find sometimes the presence of the creator name also for them on the same card place). So every card printed in Call to Arms owns the name of the person who submitted the card idea. This is notify usually on the left side of the card. The illustrator's name of course, always on the right side above the ''bug'' symbol.
As you can see with the ''Darkfeast Harpy'' example, the idea creator's name is Aaron Minnura (Red circle notifications) and the illustrator's name are notify on the right side of the cards; Thomas Manning.
There's not a fixed theme for the Call to Arms Power and Glory set, and not some new really mecanics or feats, but a lot of funny rules ideas created by the players... for the players. So, of course, it was a big success.
Warlord CCG Call to Arms Power and Glory Zartoch
Note That :
The card ''Zartoch'', a Mercenary Warlord in the set is the only uncommon Warlord of the game. This is due to his particularity rules : '' You may have up to 5 copies of Zartoch in your deck. React: After Zartoch is killed while he is your Warlord: Target another Zartoch in your army who becomes your Warlord instead. Order: Spend all Zartochs in your army: Search your deck for a Zartoch, and put him in your hand '' .
You can own 5 copies of Zartoch in your deck, so to make it a Rare card it was not appropriate in this case.
Note that : The Call to arms expansion introduces also the arrow equip location even if this terms was perhaps already present in previous expansions. The Arrow as equip location simulate their use in a characters that's owns some bow weapons. Those types of cards with this equip location provide of course some additional capacities.
Note that finally that the Card ''Catarina'' is a misprint one. This Card owns a Common symbol in place of his regular Rare Star symbol.
Catarina was printed as like Rare card quantities on Printing Sheet.
The Foil version was of course so in a kind of unkown existence due to his misprint rarety symbol.
Since June 2015, B.M. from GA has confirmed his existence.
This card is as surely as rare as a Medusan Lord card because in Many years just one worlwide confirm....
Call to Arms submitted page War Journal. Warlord CCG Warlord Saga of the Storm Call to Arms Power and Glory Pub Advertising
Call to Arms Advertising Release Publicity.
War Journal : Submitted Page idea.
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