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Warlord CCG Lady Thornhawk Malcolm McClinton
Website Search Engine and Warlord CCG Cards Explanations.
The search engine is very basic, impossible for me to programming an another one unfortunately. This ones is related with the title of the Item shop (the card name generally) so to be more accurate in your searching, I have add some additionals informations with the title so you can find perhaps easilier the cards you need. You can browse also one by one the page of a entire edition but it will takes some times.
Lady Tornhawk, illustration Malcolm McClinton.
* R annotation at the end of the title card means that's a Rare Card.
* AC for a Action card.
* IT for a Item card.
* U annotation at the end of the title card means that's a Uncommon Card.
* DU for a Dungeon card.
* CHDE for a Deverenian Character card.
* CHF for a Free Kingdoms Character card.
* C annotation at the end of the title card means that's a common Card.
* CHE for a Elf Character card.
* CHN for a Nothrog Character card.
* CHC for a Chosen Character card.
* FOIL annotation at the end of the title card means that's a Foil Card (Mainly Rare Cards).
* CHM for a Mercenary Character.
* CHD for a Dwarf Character card.
* EX in the title of a card means that's an Exclusive card that only appear in this Edition (normally).
* CHDEd for a Character that's are from two faction (CH = Character / DE = Deverenian / f (small) = Free Kingdoms.
* SI in the title of a card means that this card is Signed.
* TRE (not always used) means that's a Treasure card (Mainly used for Promo Item Card).
* AA annotation means that this card is a Alternate Art Card.
* The W after a Character codification like for example CHDW will say that it is a WARLORD Dwarf Character (CH = Character / D = Dwarf / W = Warlord). CHDO will means that's a Dwarf OVERLORD Character, DAEM is for a Daemonlord, DL for a Dragon Lord.
* The Sands of Oblivion extension introduces a new type of Character card. Some kind of faction fusion family (Dual Faction) as for example Sir Pelimere. As you can see, thoses types of cards owns differents borders colors. For this card, we can see that is faction is Deverenian and Free Kingdoms. The codification title for this card is CHDEf, it will mean that it is a Character card (CH), Deverenian (DE) and a small f for Free Kingdoms. Thoses codes are used for this type of new cards.
* Note that the Foil cards are classify in various sections. The product code is a FOIL(X) type. If it is a Foil card, as addition to the title of the card you'll see the presence of the FOIL term. The description of the card owns more informations, it includes the Foil term and the specific edition of it. So for example, if you are searching for '' Aislynn FOIL '', you can type in the search engine : FOIL and AISLYNN. Note that sometimes, of course, the same card exist in foil in some differents editions.
1) You are looking for a Logan Ebounwoulfe.
You can type Logan, you'll find the several versions of Logan card or you can type CHFW, you will fin all Free Kingdoms Warlord and of course the Logan cards in various editions 4E, SS, or BK editions (The Editions codes are almost never used in the title of the card. it just appear in the card fiche on the right). You can find stuff only with the title and Product code (See below).
2) You are looking for a Rare Chosen card.
You can type CHC,blank space and R. For the Promotions cards I don't have add the Rarity of the card because a Promo card is automatically a Rare card...
3) You are looking for a Rare item Foil Signed.
You can type R, blank space, IT, blank space, Foil, blank space and finally SI.
Other type of research : The product code :
All of our Warlords CCG cards own a product code. Each different card of each editions owns his owns product code. You can find it in the card fiche and/or in your invoice if you have printed it.
This could help you if you want to by again the same card, why not ? You have your previous invoice and you have the direct code of the card. So don't type in the search engine '' Ebonwoulf 4E '' , You'll not find it. Just type Ebonwoulf or CHFW or Ebon blank space R etc ... If you see as example in the card fiche the following product code : SA27 you'll know that it is a Sneak Attack card and his number of the card is 27. This product code is only available when you open the big picture of the card of course.
Here are the Editions Codes you can find with the card title. Most of the time you'll find the complete expansions name in the description of the card itself.
WSS = Saga of the Storm (1st ed) / AS = Assassins Strike / GE = Good and Evil / BK = Black Knives / TC = Tooth and Claw / Nov = Nest Of Vipers / SI = Siege / C2A = Call to Arms / BET = Betrayal / DOM = Dominance / SK = Southern Kingdoms / CE = Campaign edition (2ed) / SA = Sneak Attack / CA = Counter Attack / DB = Death's Bargain / HG = Hero's Gambit / CH = Champions / DF = Dragon's Fury / EOS = Eye of the Storm / EE = Epic Edition (3E) / TOL = Temple of Lore / PS = Plane of Secrets / SD = Stolen Destiny / LS = Light and Shadow / 4E = The 4th Edition / SE = Shattered Empires / CC = Crimson Coast / L2P = Learn to Play set / PR = a Promo Card / SOO = Sands of Oblivion / COG = City of Gold / 10AORS = 10th Anniversary Open Reprint Set.
You can find the complete Editions name with their internal link towards explanations of each of them at this
And What about the Rarity ?
Warlord CCG owns three kinds of rarity cards, the Rare cards are denoted by a rarity symbol of a star, the Uncommon cards are denoted by a rarity symbol of a black diamond style geometric form, and finally the commons cards are denoted by a rarity symbol of a black circle.
On the Website the Rare cards owns a R in the title of the card, the Uncommons owns a U and the commons cards owns a C in the title of the card.
So as example if you are looking for a Item for a fighter but a Uncommon ones, just type IT blank space, Fighter blank space, U blank space. Normally you'll find some.
Note that : the promos cards are denoted usually by a inverse triangle. Some cards issued from some pre-constructed owns sometimes too this famous triangle but they are not qualify as promo. All of those special cards (including the Blue card Name case) are present in the
The Demos cards from 2001 (See
) owns most of the time (not always)
a blue title too but they are all classify in
Some sealed decks of thoses ones can be found in the 4E
as for example.
The Alternate Art Cards :
Most of the cards in their reprints (mainly the base sets) owns the same pictures but sometimes a new picture is present for their reprint editions. As for example our Logan pic above for the 4th edition, Meet a the Ill etc... But most of the time the Alternate Art cards are usually present in a promo version of a card as for example Kerebrus or Niobe.
On the website, I sometimes add the AA terms in the title name of card this means that this card is Alternate art one.
Some last examples for your search to be complete :
1) I'm looking for a dwarf character, Warlord and Foil card, what must I type in the find search engine ?
Try CHDW make a blank space, type Foil and push search.
2) I have ordered and received a Dominance card and I want a last one to complete my playset, what must I type to find it again ?
If you have print your invoice (or if you have asked a double of it to me), type the product code, normally it will be a little bit like that for example DOM157.
3) I'm looking for a Nothrog character, rare card, signed but Alternate art, what must I type to find it ?
Try CHN make a blank space, type R, make a blank space, type SI, make a blank space, type AA and launch the search engine.
And the signed cards, the misprint ones, where can I find them on the site ?
Due to the limitation of the website search engine, it is always possible to use it to find them with it but for your facility I have separate all of thoses cards in one special section that you can find on this
In this special section you'll find so : the misprint cards, the signed cards, the demo cards 2001 (See above), some '' blue title '' cards, the exclusive cards issued from the ''Battle Box'' I and II and other special inclassifiable things.
The Promo Cards ?
Due to the difficulties in the Promo Cards, I have split the Promo cards in several differents sections (CH for the Character promo cards, AC for the promo actions cards, IT/DU for the promo items and Dungeon cards , there's too a specific Warlord Promo Foil section for the foil promos ones but also a special section for the Overlord / Dragonlord / Daemon Lord and finaly Medusan Lord promo cards. The first shopping sections on the left side of the home page shows each of them including Overlord, foils promos cards, Dragon Lords etc...
How to search a Theme Deck ?
For the Sealed decks there's 2 Differents sectios, the AEG Time decks at this
check the subcategories
as well on the left. The second categories is the 4E Edition, for this one you must check this
as well of course at his subcategories on the left side.
Note that: I'm technically limited with the search engine, so I'll do my best to complete my Warlord CCG data base with this way. It is impossible for me to add always the Class alignment (See Warlords rules section) in addition in all cards but I have done my best to add them too in the title name of the cards. Thanks for your comprehension.
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