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Warlord CCG Plane of Secrets
Release date : April 30, 2007. Number of Cards : 142. Date of the cards : 2007. Sold As : Boosters Box (24 Boosters), Battle Pack Box (16 Battle Pack) Each Battle Pack contains 25 cards). AEG product. Plane of Secrets was the 17th Warlord CCG Expansion (Just after Temple of Lore). Like ToL no more theme decks.
Bugs : Epic Tournament format.
The Plane of Secrets expansion contains as ToL and Epic Edition base set Accented Foil cards process printing.
Warlord CCG Plane of Secrets Booster Box Warlord CCG Plane of Secrets Booster Warlord CCG Plane of Secrets Battle Pack Box Warlord CCG Plane of Secrets Battle Pack
Explanations texts to follow soon
Playing and Plundering Dungeons (Rules) :
As an order, you may play a Dungeon card from your hand. You may not play a Dungeon if one is already in play. Dungeon cards take up no space in the rank and file system, and should be placed to the side.
As an Order, you can spend ready characters in your army with combined levels equal to or greater than the challenge rating of the Dungeon in play. If you do, you defeat that Dungeon, and the Dungeon is removed from the Game.
FAQ and Erratas for the Dungeons in the PS Expansion :
Malrogs Lair: On any of the attempts to defeat the Dungeon, you may defeat the dungeon and remove it from game instead of removing a Charge. To win the game, the dungeons CR must be reached and the last charge removed.
Reches Labyrinth: When attempting to defeat a Dungeon, a player decides how many characters they will spend to defeat it, then adds up their Levels to determine if they were successful. If the opposing players wants to add charges to this Dungeon, he does so after the acting player has spent his characters but before their Levels are compared to the Dungeons CR. If the CR is raised above the Levels spent to defeat it, then it is not defeated and play continues as normal.
In a multi-player game, each opponent gets a chance to add charges to the Dungeon in initiative order. After every player has had a chance to add charges, then the Levels spent are compared to the current CR.
Plane of Secrets Card List :
1) Absolver 2) Actelli 3) Amoudasi's Blaze 4) Amoudasi's Candle 5) Amoudasi's Inferno 6) Anointed by the Storm 7) Arden Tide 8) Aron 9) Ashling 10) Astral Blast 11) Averisk Glyn 12) Backswing 13) Bag of Treasures 14) Battle 15) Belan 16) Blighted Tokens 17) Brass Gargoyle 18) Brother Vallerand 19) Chaotic Flames 20) Clearing the Mark 21) Coblyn 22) Colichemarde 23) Combat Casting 24) Dallen Stormlost 25) Dawes 26) Deceitful Aid 27) Defy the Chains 28) Devious Gauntlets 29) Devious Illusions 30) Disintegrate 31) Dorath Sa'dul 32) Eamon Geist 33) Eleora 34) Endure 35) Enigmist 36) Facing the Demons 37) Fernon Wynard 38) Ferris Bachman 39) Fevered Shade 40) Final Blessing 41) Fiore 42) Fo'ttr'ak'ka 43) Focused Shot 44) Gacheru 45) Geraint the Grin 46) Ghed Bodmin 47) Ghed Brehm 48) Ghed Trussen 49) Ghed Vengir 50) Glimmering Mail 51) Grace Hearthpride 52) Grasp of Vengeance 53) Grave Robbing 54) Grigori the Spineless 55) Grit 56) Hall of Legends 57) Heath Stafford 58) Howling Guard 59) Huldra 60) Hunting for Sport 61) Inspiring Strike 62) Isa the Tabernacle 63) Jautya Syne 64) Justice 65) Kaballite Defiance 66) Kieran 67) Kinnag 68) Kulhen 69) Laela 70) Lifedrainer 71) Maes 72) Malrog's Lair 73) Mammoth's Tusks 74) Master's Trinkets 75) Militia 76) Mina the Disturbing 77) Mizgo 78) Mozbach the Devious 79) Natalja Wynard 80) Nature's Corrosion 81) Nexus of Secrets 82) Nilrem 83) Nora Tristram 84) Off the Beaten Path 85) Ophinuchus 86) Orne 87) Overwhelm 88) Passing the Knives 89) Persecute 90) Power of the Ancients 91) Powerful Swing 92) Preen 93) Rancor 94) Rangok 95) Rathra Dak 96) Raze 97) Reches' Labyrinth 98) Reckless Abandon 99) Revitalize 100) Rhelok 101) Riad Blight 102) Richard Key 103) Rockhome 104) Roman Aedroud 105) Rush to Battle 106) Secrets of the Guild 107) Secrets of the Storm 108) Secrets of the Suns 109) Secrets of the Trials 110) Selye 111) Sestian 112) Shadowblaze 113) Shield of the Meek 114) Shikhad 115) Sister Megaria 116) Skeletal Archer 117) Slow March 118) Sluagh 119) Sohadze 120) Soothing Aura 121) Steam Ram 122) Subdue 123) Summon Planar 124) Symbiote 125) Talib al-Sirr 126) Tenanye 127) Thayes Ainsworth 128) Tisiphone 129) Tome of Memory 130) Torment 131) Tranquility 132) Traveler 133) Troas' Pawn 134) Undermine 135) Vaeghen 136) Vanden 137) Vengeful Strike 138) Wanderetch 139) Will to Survive 140) Xantin's Ward 141) Xiathe's Touch 142) Xienar's Guard.
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